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Poor circulation?

Poor circulation?

Hello, I am new to PE, as well as to this forum, but I have become particularly interested lately due to somethings I have noticed…

(1) Lately, I have had a lot more difficulty getting an erection.
(2) My erections don’t seem to be as strong.
(3) My ejaculate just dribbles out, while it used to shoot out.
(4) Quite often the head and foreskin of my penis get cold (this one is really wierd).

I figured it had something to do with poor circulation, but I am not sure how to find out what the problem is, or what to do about it.

I don’t know much about the circulation thing, but if this is a new development since you started PE, maybe you should take a break and lighten your routine when you start up again.

Anavus. Welcome the the forums. Sounds like you found us whilst looking into erection problems.

Try some jelqing and kegel exercises…this should go a long way towards solving all of your problems as you described (and, as an added bonus - you may actually make your dick BIGGER :D )


Thanks for the advice. I haven’t actually tried any PE yet. But I’ll definitely look into it.

Get started on a newbie routine NOW!

Seriously, don’t delay ‘cos you’ll regret it later. Give it a go for a month and I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Yes,jelqing and PC exercises(kegels) will help dramatically,I am living proof. Arginmax by GNC will enhance this also. Do a search on Arginmax if you would like.



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