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Hey, I’ve been screwing around with PE for the past few months (I.e. Some jelqs in the shower once in a while) I realize this will get me nowhere. In any case, I’m starting a real routine, and I was wondering if you guys had every applied PNF stretch techniques to PE? Basically PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) is used in a lot of sports to make people more flexible and FAST. The concept is that you would stretch a muscle/ligament, then force down on it, then stretch a little further, then push again and stretch a little further. Basically it’s holding, then contracting a stretch. I used to climb competitively and I used this to enormous effect to get more flexible before competitions. I just started trying it with PE about a week ago. So I will warm up, do several sets of slow jelqs, then I will stretch my penis downward (about 10% boner, just enough to flex it a bit) for 15 seconds, then flex hard for 8, then stretch again etc. For a max of 3 contractions. Has anyone else tried this??


PNF is about tricking the GTO and bindles into releasing— I don’t know that it’s applicable to what smooth muscle there is in your woody.

Also, generally it is thought unwise to stretch while sporting wood.

Hey, here’s an idea— the newbie routine? Hear of it? Instead of just screwing around with a little PE and trying out new modalities, whynot get on board and give it a go for real?

Just sayin’ ;)

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