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Please read my story and help if You can Thanks

Please read my story and help if You can Thanks

Hi Guys! (Sorry because of my English I’m from Hungary)

Here is my story:

I started the PE (newbie routine) in January 2010. After 1 month I’ve ordered a Autoxlevee vacuum hanger, I tried by 1 kilo for 10 minutes only once, and when I took it off, my cock was white, absolutely ran out of blood, looked dead, it was horrible sight.

It happened 5 month ago. I haven’t notice any improvement, my cock is still paled, smaller, softer than it was before, it’s very sensitive to the cold, because no blood in it I feel cold down there
I have to wrap my it if I don’t want to feel the cold in my pants. It’s very annoying feeling.
I can’t masturbate ‘cos it’s not getting hard, sometimes It gets hard itself when I see my girlfriend naked and then We have sex (she knows, I told her), but sometimes get soft during the sex I can’t continue:(
I went to doctor, I didn’t tell him the reason (I was stupid), so He said it’s all in my head, I’ll go back and tell him the truth ASAP.
This shit is affecting to my entire life, I can’t rid it of from my head, I have good moments but basically I’m always sad. Everyday I ask myself how could I be a such an idiot!?

My questions are:

What’s my problem?
Will it ever heal?
Is it getting worse?
What should I do?

Thanks for everybody who help!

My dick goes dark purple and cold, and sometimes pale white every single day, I know it is part of PE. It could very well be just in your head, having an anxiety attack thinking you ruined your penis. Don’t think about it and warm your cock up in a warm bath every day for awhile and do some light PE, I bet you will regain erections and mental confidence.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

I avoid from PE, I stopped when it happened, obviously I’m seriously injured, I’m sure it wouldn’t help right now.Should “use”(sex) my penis at all, or it would be better just leave it to heal? By the way If I’d like to do the PE I couldn’t because blood doesn’t go in it, so I won’t stretch a “piece of meat”. Thanks anyway for the advice!

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Maybe you ought to go see a urologist.

Sounds like you need to visit a qualified urologist to make certain whether or not you’ve done any serious damage to your unit. Tell him what you’ve told us, don’t worry about his reaction. He’s a doctor. He’s paid to help you and frankly, he’s probably seen and heard stuff far worse than what he’s going to hear from you. My personal thought is, since you can get an erection when you see your girl naked, you’re probably OK, but see the doctor and make sure. Then quit thinking yourself into impotence. Good luck.

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