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Please help

Please help

I have a few issues to cover here.

1.) A while ago I was jelqing with some kind of moisturizing cream and I ended up developing yellow “flakes” on my penis head. I’m not 100% sure that this happened because of the cream. The problem has been reduced ever since I stopped using the cream but there still do remain some “flakes” on my penis head. Any idea on what this is and how to get rid of it?

2.) When I jelq, it’s hard for me to remain semi-erect. I usually become almost flaccid after about 15 jelqs. Should I just continue jelqing with a soft penis or should I actually masturbate and get hard again each time to keep the hardness?

3.) Is it ok if I ejaculate after my jelqing session? If I don’t ejaculate, I’m soft after my session but if I do ejaculate, my penis remains a little more engorged.

4.) Is jelqing good for gaining length? If not, I need a safe exercise for gaining length.

Ejaculate whenever you want. Just don’t let it interfere with your PE.

Take a look at the newbie routine. It is good for length and girth.

Flakes may have to be looked at by a doctor in my opinion.


Hey Money Mike congrats on your first post :wave:

1. The flakes don’t sound serious, possibly just some dead skin, make sure you wash your penis with soap regularly in the shower (I know sounds obvious but..). If they don’t go away, a trip to the doc as AndyB suggested might be a good idea.

2. I have the problem sometimes. As you get more flaccid keep jelqing till probably not lower than 30-40% erection then regain your erection and resume. You’ll find you’re erection should become more consistent as you gain experience. Alternatively you could masturbate less, especially prior to a workout. You may also wish to use porn to remain erect but many people believe this isn’t necessary but that the conditioning your mind/penis will undergo is sufficient to solve this issue, over time.

3. There is unresoved/unresovable debate as to whether this has an impact, but if it does, it’s probably different for everyone, one way or another, I don’t believe it matters too much.

4. Ultimately, as a newbie, you should simply do the newbie routine and not worry about what’s good for gaining length. The newbie routine will prepare you for whatever goals you decide to go for as you learn more about what this place is about by reading and absorbing as much as possible. That being said, it is the safest routine around and many people report good gains in the length department from doing it.

As a side note, some of your questions have been answered before, and many other questions you probably have in the future have also been answered on this forum. The knowledge is out there, try using the Thread Title Search option in the advanced search page.

Goodluck and happy gaining :)


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