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Max, your post cracked me up.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Originally Posted by Biggy_wang
Those books you have read on sleep, does it go into much detail about the importance of sleep and the processes?

Yes, it does. Sleep is very important. Your description of REM sleep is correct. REM sleep is used primarily by the body to store memory’s in the long term brain. This explains why children spend approximately 50% of their sleep in REM. Adults spent about 25% while elderly spend even less.

The most important part of sleep is deep sleep though (theta and delta waves). This is the part where the body heals itself. This part is mainly used in the beginning of your sleep night and will begin after you sleep for approximately 45 minutes. People who can’t sleep much will spend as much time as possible in this sleep stage.

Thank you all guys, now I get the point!! My penis is very health on my actually routine!

The problem is that I am not measuring in a flaccid state! But I believe I made some gains, my Girlfriend says my dick is a lot bigger.

Originally Posted by Bird2
Every healthy male gets night wood, even the ones who are physiologically impotent. These occur during REM-sleep.

The claim for morning wood is doubtful, you have to wake up from REM-sleep to get them. Just look if all PI are OK and you can drop this one. I know I did :) .

Right, and if you’re waking to an alarm, it’s not likely you’ll wake from REM sleep. If you sleep and let your body wake on its own, it’s almost always right in the middle of REM sleep, the time when you’re most awake, and most susceptible to being stirred from slumber. The body wave loads you through cycles of sleep until it’s ready to awake again, and pushes you out via a final REM state. That’s the case for me, anyway. If I let my body do what it needs, I find myself waking to remember making dreams, and often rocking the morning wood. ;)


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