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Phallosan and newb routine?

Phallosan and newb routine?

Does the phallosan work and does anyone have experience with it? I was looking on there site and its registered with FDA. Was curious to see if people have used it with results? Would I be able to use it in conjunction with the newb routine as well?

They do everything to make their site look legit, useless scientific studies, registered with the FDA. What does that mean? Faecal transplants are approved by the FDA, what does registered mean? I’ll give them this: they know how to advertise.

Try the newbie routine. If you feel like it, in six months or so, consider an extender but also check out the make at home and cheaper options like autoextender (probably because they aren’t paying affiliate fees, not because the product is crap).

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I havent been commited. Just started the newb routine again and currently a week in. I honestly think I’m wasting my time doing it but have nothing to lose in trying it. Would change my life really if I put on a couple inches.. Seems to good to be true but ill give it a shot for 6 months or so. Ill stick to 200 jelqs and 10 minutes of manual stretching 2 days on/1 off and thats it. See where it takes me. Hope it works and advice is appreciated. Have people on this board really made there penises bigger from doing this?

Yes, it works. It’s a stretcher. It applies tension for a very long time. This will certainly increase length, and may also increase girth. That said, don’t buy it. I mean it. Don’t. Why? Because:
1. It’s expensive.
2. Jelqing works for at least a while, and you could always get it later to help you break through your plateau for a while.
3. Their study wasn’t peer-reviewed, so I would be shocked if they didn’t fudge the numbers at least a bit in their favor.
4. Look at the extender. Look at it. It’s ginormous. And they want you to wear that 10 hours a day. Everybody will call you boner-boy. The andropenis is smaller than that, and it looked like I had the world’s most obvious erection when I wore it.

The solution? Either don’t use it, or build your own. ChickenChoker’s is phenomenal. You could build it for 10 bucks, it will apply every bit as much tension as the Phallosan, and it’s practically invisible through your clothes.

Ill wait till jelqing stops working or I plateau. I bought an extender in the past and threw it out. I torqued my penis so it curves instead of it being straight. This is permanent. Instead of facing forward it faces sideways. I stretched the skin on my penis as well only noticeable when flaccid but still. Maybe I tried to do to much to fast but would take a more cautious approach if I tried another one. Id rather use Manuel stretches to aid in growth and see if they work. Phallosan was FDA approved and they don’t approve any pills or other extenders so it may be safer. It can also be worn while sleeping or id do it it privacy and slowly increase from 2 hours to four and so on. I don’t know all I’m saying is that I don’t believe PE works but I mine as well try Iv got nothing to lose and everything to gain.. Rather not make one moneys no issue just a lot of scams if Manuel stretching works penis extenders must. So ill have to try. Really hope I don’t waste my time doing this but who knows.

Has anyone here on this board used phallosan with success and are there any threads from members that have had results?


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