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Perfect Jelqing Technique

Perfect Jelqing Technique

I think it would be interesting to hear from people how they jelq.

I believe we all have different techniques and methods. So yes please comment and maybe we could incorporate each others techniques to make our jelqing perfect. No matter what level of PE you are at you should always jelq, even if you’ve retired from PE it’s good for penis health therefore it’s really important to use the most superior technique possible.

I think I could improve on my technique slightly, not sure exactly how though. But here it is:

Warmup in the shower/bath, get some hair conditioner rub in hands to warm it up. Then in a completely flaccid state start with my right hand in an over hand grip jelq down to the head, I leave the hand there sort of pulling like a stretch. I then with the left hand using an Ok style grip start the 2nd jelq. Once I get half way down the shaft with the left hand, I remove the static right hand away from the head, whilst doing this still jelqing with the left, then get ready to replace the right hand in the same position, then repeat.

After about 30 repetitions the blood inside is just about perfect and should stay around that amount, if you start to get hard, just concentrate fully on each stroke and don’t think about anything sexual. Try and envision each stroke making a difference, being good for your health and size. I do 200 jelqs every day and I try to place importance on stretching out as I jelq, each stroke being around 2-3 seconds and putting most pressure on the sides/CC Chambers.

Well that is how I do it, what about you!

Impossible for me to describe since I modify just about every single stroke. Some to different directions, sometimes holding a squeeze, sometimes doing double jelqs, sometimes kegeling in blood before the stroke starts, sometimes 5 second strokes, somtimes a burst or relatively quick succession jelqs, not allowing the blood to drain at all, also I vary whether I’m doing dry jelqs or wet jelqs or a combination of both.

Audacia, how long does it take you to do 200 jelqs? I go by time cause I usually loose count lol. Also, do you think this method gave you all length, girth, or both?

Originally Posted by Soja
Audacia, how long does it take you to do 200 jelqs? I go by time cause I usually loose count lol. Also, do you think this method gave you all length, girth, or both?

It takes me around 10-15minutes I guess. I count rather than time myself because there is no clock in the bathroom. Barely anyone gains girth soley from jelqing. The girth I have gained I attribute soley to clamping. If you are consistent with squeezes and higher erection jelqing you could gain girth.

The method I described above is good for length. Obviously try and combine with a few stretches afterwards, depending on your PE experience. Having said that, everyone is different and I’m sure people could get girth with that method as well.

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