Penis rings and more

Anyone any experience with penis rings ?

I`m thinking to wear those on the upper part of the shaft for many hours each day. And also thinking of combining it with straight out hanging. Could this be a good combo?

Regarding the rings, I read posts here that many people are using ADS, some with success and some without. What could be best between that and penis rings?

I have tried some BIB and LG hanging, but would like to try the above now. I got bruising (apparently healed/removed now!) from the LG and my EQ fell much because of over training, so I didn`t get any gain. I don`t know if the tissue today is harder and less receptive for enlargement. I removed the bruising with ACV and DMSO.

I will now focus much more on the EQ too. Do you still emphasize jelqing and EQ exercises as very important along the penis rings, ADS and SO hanging? Can water pumping replace this and be the 3rd tool in my PE?

This time I will focus on having the perfect amount of time with the PE (the combinations), and keep the EQ well too.