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Penis not erecting again

Penis not erecting again

Dear Guys, I have joined this remarkable blog in Jan.2011, Actually my name is Jack Edward, but unfortunately I have forgotten my log-in Password and the registration email and tried hard to recall both, but failed.

Today I was doing my newbie routine and it was my 5Th day today after resting 2 days. Please keep in mind that I have started newbie after 2 months. When I was wet jelqing with 60% hard penis, it was OK but when I tried to wrap a hot wet sock around my penis, I didn’t felt any warm feeling or sensation in my penis, after that I tried hard to masturbate in order to get erection, but my penis didn’t get erected and got shrunken, it looks like that blood has been completely withdrawn from it, I did not know what happened and I am really worried about it that whether my penis will get erected or not in future ? My wife didn’t know about this problem yet. I happened 15 minutes back.

I will appreciate if some fellow will advise my on this problem?


It is my opinion that erection problems (for anyone under 40 and not on medications) is entirely psychological. Worrying about not getting an erection is a surefire way to not get an erection.

Wait awhile, then look at some porn.

I would point out that I myself have EQ issues immediately after certain PE exercises but the issue goes away within a half hour or less.

Give us some more info, like age? do you usually watch porn? Have you ever had this problem with your EQ? While jelqing did you feel any pain?

Most of the times the problem is in our brains, try to relax, I know it is hard but do not panic.

Good luck


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Yes, most of the time the problem is psychological, however this sounds more like you damaged something. Did you overtrain? Squeeze too hard, feel any pain while PE’ing? I ask because you said the blood is withdrawn from your penis. Search hard flaccid and so on and see if those symptoms match up with what you’re trying to explain.

Thank you very much to all for your good suggestions. My age is 43. Thanks God, after waiting for half an hour, my penis erected again during masturbation. Then I got erection in the presence of my wife. But there was some problem that penis did awake timely during Jelq.

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