Penis mock ups and a soft extender!

Last night I stayed up making a mock up of my penis in the soft and erect state. I used paper bags rolled into a tight bundle and then taped to hold it together. I then used this for making an extender using an old underwear elastic. Cutting into strips and sewing together. So it looks like a series of rings in a row. The idea is to provide stretch which gives and stretches a little for stretch for longer periods of time. Its proving to be surprisingly effective. I noticed that my penis doesn’t resist to the milder stretch like it does with a harder stretch. Its more comfortable, and the circulation doesn’t seem to be impaired in any way. It could be the way of the future.

It was also something amazing to see a representation of the approximate dimensions of flacid and erect state. I never did that before. I will keep this for awhile and make another set in the future after more gains. I think this will give me a better idea of how much I really gained. I am quite amazed at the difference between the soft and erect state.