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PEn Pal Antidote

PEn Pal Antidote

Hi every-body, I was wondering if any newbies wanna be PEn Pals (and I mean in an non sexual way:) anyway I have been lurking in these forums for a while and it seems that the biggest adversary of PE is commitment which seems to plague 90% of noobs. So to ensure immunity from this disaster I want to join with some fellow PE nubees and synchronize routines, monitor gains etc and keep each other in the game so we can reach our goals.

PM me if your interested



Hey this has been really helpful for me to stay focused on my PE goals, if any other newbs are interested you can reply to either me or pookiepoo!

PE for Life!

Man who farts in church sits in pew...

Yes I am interested in this as well.
It would be great to have a mentor.
This would really motivate me. I have
some experience as I started back in
2002. Now I am back at newbie routine
and stuff again. Seeing new gains!

PM me for advice!

Restarting everything.

Hey mrCow I PM’d ya.

Man who farts in church sits in pew...

He he I like this

I’m in too, whats are our first steps guys?

Luka89 I PM’d you too.

Man who farts in church sits in pew...

You guys might be onto something. I have had a terrible time staying committed to PE. PM me with the game plan!

Oct 2006: BPEL: 7.75" NBPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.125"

Goal: 17+ cubic inches of volume, someday, currently inactive

Hey BigMara I PM’d you back.

Man who farts in church sits in pew...


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