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pelvice muscles

pelvice muscles

Regarding kegling there are different muscles we can exercise, at least these are the ones I can differentiate:
1. Sphincter muscle- Not sure what effect this has.
2. I guess this is the PC muscle- I flex around the perineum, i.e. between the balls and the anus.- I’ve mostly practiced this and it hasn’t helped me at all with my premature ejaculation problem.
3. I guess this is the BC muscle- If I flex it the dick gets lifted a little. If I got an erection this is clearly visible. Some have said that exercising the BC is helpful for strong ejaculations and to be able not to come so quickly.
4. Lifting the balls- These muscles are related to the other ones but I can focus so that mostly these muscles are flexed. No idea if there’s a benefit in practicing this muscle.

Can you let me know if I got the PC and BC muscles right?
Also what do you recommend to get a stronger ejaculation and to prevent premature ejaculation?

Which muscles exercises do you recommend for the standard PE?

Uhmmm that is hard as hell to differentiate which ones I am flexing.. To me when I kegel I kind of just get a grouping of all those clenching at once. This could be a bad thing I guess, but I am working them all out so I guess it is better than just one?

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I pretty much just flex my bc/pc. So far that helps me with my orgasmism

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