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Peeling and extreme itching

Peeling and extreme itching

Sorry guys if this has already been discussed but I did a search and couldn’t find anything similar to this.

First of all let me give you my background. Around 2003 I was a memeber here,( Had to change my username.forgot everything). Anyway I was doing some dry jelqing. After noticing that I was growing hair up the shaft of my penis I decided that having a 7 1/2 inch penis would be better than a 8 1/2 inch hairy dick so I stopped. Yes the hair is still there.
Around the last part of 2006 I began doing a technique where I would get a full erection, masturbate to the point of almost ejaculating the holding it back with a strong kegal. I would also sometimes use a squeezing grip at the base of my penis to trap the blood.
I noticed after a few weeks of the erect squeezing technique that I could see some visible girth gains directly under the head of my penis. I have a rather large ( firemen helmet) gland and was happy to see that under it was starting to fill out. When I say “noticable” gain I mean that it is something that would be only noticable to me. Nothing that my wife would notice.( soon to be ex-wife but that’s a different story).

About a year and a half ago.I over did it. First of all I have experienced the RED DOTS before. They go away usually in less than a week. However there were/are bigger red spots on the head of my penis that almost looked swollen. NO PAIN. But after a few days they turn very dry and peel.
Sex was NOT enjoyable because of EXTREME ITCHING. Now when I say itching, I am not talking about the kind you scratch and then it stops. There were several times I had to pull out after just getting started because the itching was so intense.
Also let me add that the itching was NOT on the gland; it is/was on the shaft where other red spots are.

To sum up my condition let me say again that there is NO PAIN. Erections are fine.

I tried to avoid sex and tried to avoid an erection during the day thinking it would heal. became worse.

The strange part is that now that I started to kegal again the redness has faded.
Hydrocortisone cream gets rid of the itch and redness but it has been over a year I have dealt with this.
I am gonna have to swallow my embarrasment and go to a dermitoligist or has anyone ever experienced this kind of “long term” of injury ??

The fact that it seems to heal when my penis is “active” makes me think blood clots.
I am hoping it is just a skin irritation.

I also made a stupid mistake of using a heating pad on a lowest setting as a warm up wrap. Could the red spots and itching of the shaft been caused by the heat ??

I made a couple big mistakes, guys. I know that. But some good honest advice from experienced peole would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Listen a Doc can’t hurt. Maybe you could post some pics here, in the meanwhile, because it’s not easy (at leas to me) to understand all you’re saying.

Thanks. ABout the pics I don’t think it would be visible. Since I am keeping my penis “active” as I said, the redness and itching has reduced.
Sorry if my post is hard to understand, I was typing as fast as I can hoping that when I hit “post” it wouldn’t say ,” sorry but you took to long”. I’ve had that happen at other sites.

I will try to clarify a few things the best I can. The itching is always on the underside of my penis shaft or the right side shaft where the red swollenness was when I first realized that I srewed up.

The whole top of my gland was red and swollen and just a small spot on the right side of the shaft.
My wife noticed it and was also curious about the itching.
I said that I had sqeezed it one night when I was trying to get an erection when we were drunk and I couldn’t get hard. I told her I was trying to force an erection.

If I go see a DR. About this, I will probably use the same excuse.

Me and my wife are getting ready to go through a divorce and when I meet another woman someday I would like to know that the rashy, flakyness won’t come back.

Thanks for listening everyone. I just needed someone to talk to about it. I am 36 yrs. Old and this is the first time in a long time I will have the privacy to get serious about PE.

I am probably gonna wait for more replys and see what everyone says before getting disciplined with PE.

As of right now I am just doing light massaging on the top of the shaft and I do kegals anytime I am sitting down and think about it. I don’t like standing kegals as it feels like I am just squeezing my ass only.

I prefer to Kegal at full erection. Any difference between erect and soft kegals ?

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I am in the same boat as you.

Mine happened last week. Have not seen a dermatologist as I am really busy.

Ok first thing first.

Have you worn any new underwear recently?

Me I got dermatitis.

Started with itchiness on the scrotum.

Then sadly I put some Diprosalic acid on it. It got inflamed and the skin started to peel.

Then I applied Hydrocortisone (FuciCort) to it. I got dry and wrinkly.

By Monday most of the skin got peeled out. Gladly most of my discoloration problems are gone except for one side of my penis.

My penis looks (and it is not a joke) half discolored.

Now the itchiness stopped. I applied some cream called Sudocream used for Eczema and Nappy rash.

The dryness is improving a bit, I am applying moisturizer. Try to look for one in the Johnson brand with PH 5.5.

Stretching is a bit of a mission as the skin on my left side is a bit tight unless I but some moisturizer before doing them.

My advice to you go to the dermatologist he’ll put you on proper low concentration steroid creams else use moisturizer and stop the Hydrocortisone cream as it will cause some skin atrophy.

Please let us know what the dermatologist said.
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contact dermatitis


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