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PE Question about erections

PE Question about erections

Hi I am just trying to get my post up here so I can begin posting in other sections I have a legit question here about erection. I have been jelqing light to moderately since about when I registered here. I just started to hang/static stretch using the bib starter hanger on April 20th little over a month now. Well when I first started with the bib I notice my morning erections pretty much went nil and I had none and I had very few daily random wood. Basically the last month I have only had erections when I would manually stimulate my penis but I could not get it to become erect by just thoughts like I used to.

Well this was the past month, the last 3-4 days I have been having a woody almost all night when I wake to turn over or just hear a noise and come out of sleep for a bit I was rock hard and in the morning I have been having rock hard wood that last semi hard for a good hour after waking up. I also have noticed I have been having more random hard on’s threw out the day. Is this normal that maybe when starting hanging erection quality goes down and eventually it recovers? I have noticed a bit of gain but I am not sure yet I need to take 1 month penis picks to keep track and still need to post the pics here but I have not had time to take pics and post them online.

My penis seems a bit more meaty especially on the sides of the shaft it seems wider on the lower side of the shaft on the sides. I wish I could make the bottom middle of the shaft fatter like where the urethra runs I would like that to be fatter my penis seems flatter and wider that I like.

Anyways I hope to be able to post pics here before long I plan to take pics each month but if I take a pic on say april 24th should I take another pic on may 24th or round it off to the even weeks? Say May 22nd that would be even 5 weeks. I know this is a silly question but to make it easier and more photogenic as it would allow growth to be more apparent. Thanks and I hope to post accurate stats soon so far I believe I have gained over .25 or more length in the last month.

Well, congrats on gains. It sounds your hanging regimen is working, and those variations in EQ seems rather common to me.

Post your routine

My routine: /pedata/routine.php?username=bigbassman77

I need to measure again but I am waiting for tonight as it’s my second rest day I do 5 on and 2 off. What is weird I noticed last week my skin on the head of the penis shed a little at the end of my second day off?? The skin peeled and new skin was there on the penis head it was wrinkled all week but at the end of the 2nd rest day it peeled and new smooth silky skin is there is makes me hard just seeing it.

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