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PE Products

PE products

I am new at PE and I have decided to start because it sounds like most of you guys have had a lot of success. My question is whether anyone has used any of the PE products like the powerjelq or the penis plus (waist strecher at If so do they work and are they worth it?

Hello TheSkeptic

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PE Products

Has anyone tried any of the PE products for stretching or jelquing like waist strechers are powerjelquing rollers? Do you work and are they worth it? Right now I just stretch and jelq manually

I’ve used the powerjelq and have a Bib hanger. I use neither currently.

Starting off with manual techniques is probably the best method. If you fail to see results within a couple of months, try buying or making a bib hanger and giving it a go.

The newbie routine is a good place to start.

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