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PE for health and fittness reasons

PE for health and fittness reasons

I wonder if there is a topic (rather it be a place to post like the hanger’s place) for people wanting to maintain what they have or just like what they got now and want to keep the dick and BC muscle hard and in shape (by stretching and not to many pressure on the penis in order for it not to grow but make the vains pump fast like aerobics for the penis)

I have an average sized penis, I want it to be only slightly bigger and after that I want it to be as hard as possible and maintain my penis’s fitness..

Is there any reference in this site where I might get such information? I would love to have a place like the hanger’s place but just for fitness people (that gained and want to maintain or have a penis there happy with and want to keep it in shape and healthy, like when people train the BC muscle it makes the percentage of prostate cancer go way down.)

Thanks for reading


Jelqing is just the exercise you’re looking for. If you jelq in moderation, you will likely see a modest amount of growth, as you desire, and a BIG improvement in your erection quality and frequency — or at least a long-term maintenance of those, if they’re already excellent for you.

Another exercise that’s great for penile fitness is pumping. If you pump at low pressures, you will, again, almost certainly see increased penile health.

Avoid exercises like hanging and hardcore girth routines if you’re trying to improve your penis’s health rather than enlarge its size.

By the way, you are in good company here. Many posters at Thunder’s Place, including some of the long-time veterans, sought out PE purely for erection-enhancement purposes.


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