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PE- Coming out

PE- Coming out

Ok guys here’s the the story. I started PE last week, only 4 sessions following the newb routine so far. Had sex today, my gf said my penis felt thicker/bigger (although I haven’t noticed much change, if any, so far). I wanted to tell her about PE but I refrained from doing so. I feel that if I told her she would think it’s weird or that I’m too obsessed with the size of my penis. My question is, how many of you have “come out” and told your gf or spouse about PE? If you have, what was their reaction to it? Also, if you keep it secret how do you explain having a noticeably bigger penis? I plan not to say anything(assuming I get any permanent/noticeable gains) and just act dumb claiming I don’t know, or by replying; “I heard it can get bigger for no reason”. However I feel bad about hiding it from her. Thoughts, comments, replies much appreciated.

I wouldn’t tell her. There are a lot of threads on this if you use search and you can see many example of why it can turn out to be a bad idea. If you ever broke up with her and there was any resentment it could be used against you. Not a good idea in my oppinion

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Cardinal2, I agree.

It’s your Dick, not hers. Don’t tell her anything that might, in her mind, be thought of as weak, insecure or a possible mental health issue.

You will have all the support, encouragement and understanding you will ever need on this forum.

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I think its all about how you feel about PE. If you are embarrassed about it and you tell your Gf/Wife, then she may perceive it as something to be embarrassed about. Id just do it after you get some growth.

I’m proud of PE. I think its amazing and so I have no problems talking about it to anyone who will listen :)

A-unit, thanks man, I can tell I’m going to like it here.

AlexBellG, I respect your opinion and bravery on the issue :p I’m still not going to say anything though. I know her very well and she probably wouldn’t like it.

I understand your situation. I don’t think I’m brave at all. Any gf that I told what I was doing was very encouraging.

I would never tell a girl about it. I have recently hooked up with an ex and she commented that my dick looks bigger than she last saw it (3 years ago). My excuse was “Really? I must be hitting the final stages of my dick’s growth”. She bought it since I’m still 19 (well turning 20 next week). I say keep it to yourself

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I wouldn’t tell. Women don’t share certain things with men. We men also have things we don’t share with women. Example: doing PE and screwing another girl ;)

I used to do it stealth when I first started and I was with my ex.. After a few months I showed her my extender, she thought I was weird but that’s nothing new lol.. I used to wear it around the house and sometimes she’d go to grab my crotch to be greeted by the metal extender frame and she’d be like “oh, you’re wearing your penis torture thing again” hehe and I’d give a little smile ;)

I had always felt weird jelqing in front of her though for some reason though..
With my current girlfriend, she knows I have a pump and I’ve shown her pics of me using it but I’m not gonna go into the whole “this is my toolbox of PE toys” just yet lol

I think it comes down to if you think she would be cool about it, tell her, if not then don’t tell her.. There is all kinds of stories you can come up with to why you’re doing it, she will think you’re crazy no matter what you tell her to some extent but if she loves the crazy part of you too and excepts you for it, then nothing really changes.

I had the perfect excuse because I just quit smoking. My girlfriend said my semen even taste better!!

Tell her it’s just the vitamins babe, I don’t tell anyone that I do PE. Like to keep it a secret :)

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If your going to tell her. Say its because PE gives you better and longer erections during sex. Tell her by doing PE you get double the pleasure during sex. I wouldn’t say I’m doing it to make my dick bigger lol

I think it all depends on your relationship and communication. If you live together, it could be practical to tell her, so you don’t have to hide while you PE. On the other hand, it may seem like a sign of penis insecurity. Not to mention that if you break up one day it could be a really juicy gossip for her to tell her friends.

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Depends on the relationship. Read up on “stealth PE” for advice on how to do PE on the down low.

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