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PE and not full erection - need help

PE and not full erection - need help

Hi, would be really thankful for help.
Started PE three weeks ago and started probably to intensiv. (warmup, manual stretch, jelqing) Two days ago my penis was completely cold after PE. After giving him a massage this problem went away and it is normal now when flaccid. However, I have problems to get a full erection.

Has someone experienced something like that? I have full feelings in my glance and the veins look ok.


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Are you on any SSRIs? Like Paxil, Zoloft, Xanex, Prozac?

Did you rest at all between the exercises by taking a day off out of 4 or 5?

Did you do anything like bending or advanced Exercises? Instead of just jelqing and maybe some stretching? Did you hang with a hanger for longer than 20 minutes?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Thanks for prompt reply. No, only jelking and stretching. Started with a 5/2 routine. Maybe I jelked to far to the glance or did something wrong with the stretching (center, left, right, up down and also clockwise). No supplements etc. No antidepressiva.

Sprintman, welcome to the board.

Sounds like you did too much too quickly. It isn’t uncommon for newbies who overdo it to encounter some erection problems. Overzealous stretching is often the culprit.

Rest until your erections are back to normal. You’ll probably be fine within a week. When you resume your exercises start easy and gradually increase the intensity. You may need more rest days until your dick gets used to PE. Maybe try 2 days on, 1 off for awhile.

Learn to listen to your dick. Lackluster erections are his way of telling you he’s tired and needs a break. Also keep an eye out for shrinkage immediately following a workout, which is another sign of overtraining.

Good luck.:)

Thanks. My errections seem to to be back to normal. (At least almost). However, after an ejaculation my penis seems to shrink very fast and when flaccid the shaft is harder than it used to be. At least thats what I think. Part of the problem is that I have started to look at my penis much more thoroughly now than I used to before PE.

I think you are very insightful. newbies get scared they are hurting themselves. Perhaps there is a touch of guilt associated with touching yourself. All of us here have some obsession or at least a preoccupation with our dicks otherwise we would not be here. Unfortunately proceding with the exercise program can make this preoccupation worse, but the benefits seem to outweight this risk for most, and the panic about injury/ED eventually subsides. When a newbie is adjusting to the exercise the penis gets fatigued much like the leg muscles after a 10k run and need some time to recover. I recommend to avoid sex or masturbation for several hours after pe not so much that ejac could inhibit gains (though some say so), but to avoid a poor performance due to exercise fatigue and subsequent panic and performance anxiety.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


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