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Pain with condom after edging...

Pain with condom after edging...

I’ve tried about 3 times to put on a condom after edging because I have a (probably) mental problem of getting soft when putting on a condom with a girl. Each of these times, it was a very unpleasant and definitely painful feeling on my penis, as if my penis was getting strangled by the condom, especially at the bottom part that doesn’t role all the way down my penis. I believe I edged for 20,20, and 10 minutes for these 3 times and every time it hurt. When I put on the condom without edging, there is no pain.

Is this normal? I don’t think I edge with a hard grip. On the contrary, I try to soften the grip whenever I am aware. Furthermore, I plan to edge infront of my partner before intercourse because I get harder than normally, but this pain would prevent it. Any advice/knowledge would be great.

Maybe thanks to edging you get better expansion than your normal erections so the condom doesn’t fit?

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Congratulations your dick grew, now you need a bigger condom.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the problem. I am around 5.2 girth when normally erect, so I don’t think I would expand that much for the condom to be painful after edging. I am using normal size ultra thin Trojan condoms.

What is the girth range for these condoms, does anybody know?


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