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Pain - necessarily bad?

Pain - necessarily bad?

I’m been using the ADS about a month now, and have recently experianced slightly pain in the left underside of my base. It feels kind of dull. Is this bad? Could it be a sign of growth? I’m been stretching with little force so i can’t imagen it’s a injury.

PE should never be painful - ever. You are overdoing something.



If you are feeling pain or soreness you should take some time off. It’s just like training anything else, healing is as important as the stressing/working out. Also make sure you are not overdoing it with the amount of workout or intensity too.

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Pain just doesn’t work for effective PE. Avoid it.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

You should never have pain, only slight discomfort.

I have a slight left curve, hanging and ads cause a dull ache/pain in the left side of my unit at the source (I reckon) of my curvature; I can theorise as to why this occurs. My curvature has actually straightened by a few degrees whilst this has been going on.

Pain is the number one enemy of growth. They hate each other

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On the contrary, my routines teeter on the brink of pain but never linger there. Long term pain will negatively effect your growth no doubt, but short term pain will just zap your erection level briefly and release endorphins. Pain is never good but which one would you prefer, a shot in the arm, or a dislocation?

Deep tissue muscle soreness on one side could either be from improperly stretching and warming up or, most likely from pushing your flacks length too far. Let yourself rest up for a few days to a week and start again slower.

pain causes the penis to toughen up which will make further gains more difficult. you want slight discomfort. that’s the force that should be applied.

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It depends how you count pain and discomfort.

I think that some discomfort is ok just like is sometimes very hard discomfort in weight training. Important is to learn to do good pain (discomfort) from bad pain.

I use vacextender and thats pure pain to my glans but I dont think all you writers are talking about glans pain cosĀ“ vacextender. I just dont understand how anyone could get so good sterch when using those old fashioned noose exntenders.

Jelqing, manual streching and clamping etc.. definetely should not have pain involved.

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