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just a quick question really about keegling. In the summer I started the newbie routine, but I had to stop twice because I lost my morning and nightly wood (I regularly wake up in the middle of the night, and often with a raging hard on, and I have one every morning too), as this is a negative PI I stopped. In fact I kind of got discouraged thinking I was one of those that had a really sensitive dick and would never gain.

I had thought that maybe I was just doing the jelqs too hard and doing too many of them. I was thinking about starting with 20 a day 2on/1off for the first week, then 40 and build it up from there. While doing this routine I had been doing weighted kegling with a wet flannel - to failure. Do you think this was the reason I lost my wood? That my BC muscle was so tired it could keep the blood in my dick?

I’m ready to give the newbie routine another go, but I’ll stick to it this time; no deviations. Do you think I should do less than the reccommended jelqs though? Or is it pretty likely that the problem was over-keegling?

Sorry, that rambled on for a bit, but I wanted to get it all in.


PS: Is there a way to change my username? Mine’s pretty boring.

PPS: What do you think about just doing these kind of heavy keegles with no other PE, getting a really great erection, waiting for the wood to come back and then starting with the newbie routine?

When you start again Ben Cut everything down to half what you were doing before. Your loss of erection etc., is simply due to working your dick too hard. So take it easy and you should be OK. But give things a rest for a week or two before starting again.

Good luck.

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Cheers petitfaun,

I’ll take your advice, but start right away because I haven’t done any PE since the summer.

Ditto what petitfaun said, take a week off and then come back a bit lighter. Sounds like you were definitely over kegeling but start off slow to be safe.

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