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Ouch... First time shaving.

Ouch... First time shaving.

I decided that I would give myself a little hair cut yesterday. I just trimmed the top, like I have always done, but then I decided to shave the shaft. I used warm water and shaving cream and it felt good for a couple hours. Then later that night its really tender and it burns. I tried putting lotion on it but it doesn’t help that much. What do you guys who shave a little do to prevent this? What should I do?

I haven’t had that problem when I shave my dick. But I’ve experienced it when I shaved my face, and then aloe vera gel helped.

First time is always the worst. Don’t go a long time between shaves now that you have started. Now that the first crop is down, you should be able to use a really light touch as you go. I assume you are using at least a twin blade system. I don’t use shave cream, just soap up in the shower and in a few strokes I’m done.

So remember, from now on all you need is a light touch and right after, apply your lotion. I always follow with a little medicated powder after that, but that is up to you

Thanks gprent and likeness. I guess I will try to keep up with it. I got some cocoa butter lotion w/ vit. E today and that seems to help.

I shaved down there for the first time ever about 3 days ago. I didn’t use a regular razor, I used a beard trimmer. It felt a little weird, seemed slicker or something.

Anyway, luckily didn’t have the probs you had; thank God. Maybe want be so lucky if I finally break out the razor.

I now have little red bumps… I think thats ingrown hairs?

Originally Posted by Philadelph
I now have little red bumps… I think thats ingrown hairs?

Hopefully not. Probably what’s left over from shaving irritation. Keep putting on your lotion to keep the skin soft and lessen the chance of ingrown hairs. Remember, next time, light touch.

Could be ingrown hairs.

First time I shaved (with the Seiko Cleancut), I got tons of ingrown hairs. Like, seriously, my whole pubic region was red dots for 5 days.

But, the next time I shaved, I used TendSkin, some product. I pour a bit onto a cotton ball and just make sure I don’t miss a spot on me, and it burns a bit for 1 minute, but nothing bad. I have been doing this for weeks and not a single ingrown hair since.

So please don’t lose hope and think you are someone who is naturally prone to ingrown hairs, it happens to all of us, and if you use a proper aftershave product, you will be fine.

Oh yeah, and I tried coconut butter that first time, and it did nothing to prevent ingrown hairs. It’s great for other things, but aftershave is not one of them. Hope this helps!

Good work my friend.

Perhaps you will some day graduate to plucking :)

And I recommend neosporin after a shave (or pluck).

Originally Posted by Insane_Man
Good work my friend.

Perhaps you will some day graduate to plucking :)

And I recommend neosporin after a shave (or pluck).

Plucking? I will pass on that for now.

I have heard of tend skin, maybe I will look in to that.

Today is my day off so I can’t really tell if this is going to interfere with my stretching/jelqing. I will know tommarow I guess. I orignally did this because I though I could jelq better and more from the base without pulling any hairs.

Plucking isn’t that bad. The first time is tough, but I did it over a couple days and it definately becomes easier.

Plucking owns over shaving IMHO. Needs to be done less frequently, and it’s really not that painful at all - plus, no ingrown hairs - at least not for me, and no damn razor burn, and awful itch as the sharp hairs grow back over the next few days like with shaving - I say, that was very uncomfortable. I pluck near my dick itself and on the shaft, careful short trim with good scissors elsewhere. Works very well I think. :D

According to Bib, Listerine seems to help for those red bumps. I also read on a chat with Jenna Jameson that Neosporin seems to help a lot. I tried that the last time that I shaved and it seemed to keep most of the bumps from coming in, but it did nothing to the ones that were there. (Don’t know about Listerine.)

As for the nicks, I found that it was because I was running my razor too many times over the same area, so you might want to be aware of that.

Hopefully some of this will help out.

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Very sound advice guys. I am a little leary of trying this again. After I posted, I got a pimple right at the base. It feels a little better now but I couldn’t perform my workouts as well, and I don’t like that. I may hold off until it fully heals.

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