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"Only flaccid-gains"-exercise?

"Only flaccid-gains"-exercise?


I have about 1 year of active PE-experience but that was 1 year ago… Now I don’t do anything but sleeping fowfers.
I would like to know, and learn, if there is one or two good exercises out there if one is only looking for the penis to be larger when flaccid.
I am happy with my girth and length in erect mode, but my flaccid length could gladly improve :)

I live with the imagination that the sleeping fowfers help flaccid size, but I have not noticed much.. if anything.
How about the JAI-stretch? It seems easy to do and easy to put into the daily agendas… :)

Resumé; I would very much be thankful for any suggestions/tips on which exercises are particularly good for flaccid gains.

My guess is that your a grower and would probably benefit from supplementation to aid in better blood flow to your unit. items such as Ginko and l-arginine. Of course if you smoke or take in alot of caffeine then supplements won’t help much anyway! Just my .02

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My jelq routine

Bed fowfers, constant warmth, and a cock and ball strap— which you can also do by tying a silk hanky around your cock and ball package with a degree of restriction

Arginine/ NO2

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I had a personal problem with flaccid length and erection quality due to smoking. We all know that smoking restricts blood flow, and although you may not be a smoker you might want to try this. All I did was start to do cardiovascular exercise three times a week for twenty minutes at a time. This, to my surprise, increased my flaccid length and erection quality, helped with cracking bones and joints, and made me feel a lot better in general. Getting your heart rate up via cardiovascular exercise can keep all that blood flowing where it needs to go!

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