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On days off?

On days off?

I notice my unit is very sore(naturally), but if I dare measure its always under. Do you think this is because eq is lower while the guy is recovering?

Eq is always lower on sore days off because of the nerves healing. You will also notice less girth or girth and length which frightens newbies, but don’t be wary. I promise you everything returns back to normal after a day or two.

Thanks that makes sense. How long for you does it take. I go two days then take one off. But sometimes I masturbate on the day off

Dude I’m a well trained vet. I can pe 6 day in a row or 3 days on and 3 off. I heal quick with my bodybuilding diet and I strategize gains like a warmongering general.

Hey, well I lift weights, run a lot, and eat a very clean diet. What is your normal routine.

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