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Ok so whats the deal with the dots.

Ok so whats the deal with the dots.

I have been PE’ing for about 2 months now consisting of mainly jelqing at low level erection. I use slow and moderate forced 3-second strokes and feel no pain when jelqing. When I am done my shaft hangs slightly larger and fuller than normal but I always get tiny pinpoint dots. I don’t understand how after ever session I get some sort of spots. I feel like I’m jelqing hard enough to expend the tissues but for some reason I always have the tiny little dots on my head and shaft after a workout.

I know that after a few sessions these dots should go away but I am still getting them. It ranges from just a couple to many, and varies daily. Maybe someone can explain this to me. My jelqs are started on a warmed up unit (warmed by a hot towel for 5 mins) and started while completely flaccid and worked up to a massive flaccid with no hardness or rigidity. I do my jelqs straight down and SO varying it every 10-20 jelqs. I only do about 170 jelqs and raise it 5 jelqs every session.

I will start using my ads soon and I am planning to wear it all day and after I will do some lighter jelqing. Hope this may solve my problem but I’m down for suggestions.

You are jelqing too much or too hard, simple as that. Over time your penis becomes “conditioned”. A few dots is ok, but is a warning sign that you are on the edge. Getting dots after every session is going over the edge and risking injury and a broken dick. Go read the injuries section of the forum if you want to know what type of injuries there can be.

The dots are because capillaries burst inside your glans/head due to the pressure that your jelqing is giving. Think of it like you squeeze a 2L bottle of Coke. What happens? The lid wants to pop off, and the lid is your glans. A few dots is ok. Dots after every session means you are overtraining. 170 jelqs might be the problem but also consider how hard your grip is and how hard you are squeezing. Tighter grip = more pressure = more red dots.

I’ve only ever had 1 red dot, at two different times. Hopefully someone else has more to add. How are the other PI’s like erection quality?

I don’t understand how you signed up in March but say you’ve been doing PE for 2 months, and yet have no idea of the newbie routine or what red dots are. Anyway hopefully the stuff above helped.

I have a lot of red spots while jelquing, some in the final part of the shaft, and in the glans. Nothing happened from it, as CubanB said, it’s just a matter of pressure. Fortunately once I finish the jelquing routine they all dissapear in a few minuts. Nothing to worry about.

You can try jelquing gently, if you keep doing so much pressure, the part of the shaft with more red dots is going to darken little by little, just like when you clamp.

I don’t think it matters much, I actually take it as a good sign. It’s all in interpretation, so decide for yourself.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

It depends on how dark and large they are. If they are big around where the head meets the shaft you should take a break till they start to fade after a couple days instead of risking permanent damage. I’ve had tiny faint ones on the head which go away after 1 night but when I started I got overzealous and my grip was way too strong on about 80% erection which caused me to get larger dark spots around where the shaft meets the head which would take a few days to go away. I came to find spots were more do to ur grip than the length of time you spent jelqing.

I dunno after I jelq it still looks brown to me :)

Do you warm up enough?

Back before I knew better I would skip my warm up sometimes or only do a half ass warm up and would get dots or bruising much easier than when I did a good warm up.

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