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Ok a couple things

Ok a couple things

1. I’m way happy today as to a confidence booster. I was talking to my gf gay friend who she tells everything to. And I found out that my girl is actually really happy with my size and didn’t want anything different. This topic came up when I told him I was insecure about my dick and yeah we talked about it.

2. While I was PE today I’m not sure if it’s just me but it just seemed much more “happy” and it looked better then normal and I actually felt good about what I have.

3. I’ve noticed alot of people take pics of before and after. I’m wondering if I should do the same.. I’m really shy and only my gf has seen me before, but if it should be done I would

The nice thing of a place like this is that nobody knows you, so you don’t have to be shy, you can show pic’s and ask whatever you want, that’s what I think;

(When you show a pic, make sure your face is not on it, :-) ) )


I wait with pics till 8 inches!

Ahh gotcha.. Well it’s something to think about I guess

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