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Often soft glans while erect


Looking more, I found another thread, this guy describes my situation more accurately, with the morning wood stuff:


I’m getting a bit concerned now. Someone in the above thread mentions it could be nerve damage and posts a possible solution (which I don’t really understand).

Here someone suggests Peyronie’s Disease

Http://… ml

Hmm, I now see there are several threads on Thunder’s.

MORE experimenting. I can actually squeeze the blood out of my glans and feel it deflate. Can ‘normal’ people do this?

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Mmm so I was just doing some measuring and you really notice differences in measurements when you’re rock hard and kegel. I always measure with my best kegel and then the erection tends to die down. But yep I never really realised I have soft glans like that. I’ve thought about it more recently because they get so huge when clamping. My CC are small at the base, most of my girth comes from the CS. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I always thought it was normal, like after clamping as I take it off, and keep the erection still the head deflates and like goes crinkly if a little dry. Like there are slight creases when it’s comes down from being so big. Even now I just tried a quick squeeze, kegeling as hard as possible and then squeezing the base to keep it that way. I want my head to always be big and full, it adds to the length measurement too and looks way better. Oh man, I hope there are things to fix this more.

Originally Posted by Tweaking

MORE experimenting. I can actually squeeze the blood out of my glans and feel it deflate. Can ‘normal’ people do this?

I’m the exact same! In a photo of my dick before PE or after just starting I was the same way so I won’t put it down to PE.

It looks so good to be fully inflated all big and even feels better touching it!

Did a search and it appears to be quite common in this poll

Is your glans soft or hard? more people having it ‘soft before PE and soft now’ than ‘hard before and hard now’.

Anyway by reading I can someone fixed it using supplements like Vitamin B, L Argentine etc

I’ll just keep kegeling loads and see if I can fix it naturally without that shit.

Shit sorry for the quadruple post. To late to edit this last one. Just wanted to say do you think it’s possible a cause of it is squeezing the dick when ejaculating. I always always tend to like keep masturbating as I orgasm and squeeze along the shaft any cum that didn’t quite get out so there’s practically no after cum oozing out later.

Okay I just remembered something else. When I jelq, I jelq over the glans, I know that was generally advised against but I do it anyway, like right up to the glans and sometimes keeping the jelq past them. Maybe that contributed to the problem?Plus I’ve done Horse440’s in the past but not much. I think it’s just related to the shape of my dick. I think if I had a bigger base girth it would be able to feed blood up the dick easier.

Could also be the fact I have an upward curve. I really wish there were fixes out there already known for this. I’m reading all the threads but nothing seems amazingly helpful.

Quote of everything I’ve read goes to this guy;

Originally Posted by longjohnsilver
I never new the head was suppose to get hard..

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I’ve worried about the soft glans before and kegeling and water pumping have helped some. I seem to have 2 types of erections, the full blown with hard glans and the soft glans with hard shaft. I have read that the urethra travels through the corpus spongiosum and glans so it’s supposed to be softer otherwise the urethra tube would get collapsed and nothing would come out when you came.


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