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Now that I'm in college.

Now that I'm in college.

I’m a college student with a room mate and I seriously have no free time to myself and definitely not enough time to do a session of my jelqing you guys have suggestions of how I can still PE even though I don’t have that much free time to myself?

You just gotta find yourself some time and a place, somehow. If you are just using hand techniques, maybe “in the shower” or something would work.

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I had this problem as a freshman and sophomore in college. Can’t you learn his class schedule and do PE while he’s at class? You could always do it in the bathroom. Just say you have a morning ritual to take a nice, long shit and then a shower. You can be in the bathroom for like 30 minutes. Just sit on the toilet, PE for 15 min, then turn on the shower and PE for another 15, then jump in the shower and make it a quick one and come out. I would also use the bathroom at the university gym. There should be a number of stalls so no one will realize you are in there for 30 minutes. Thats the best advice I can give you man.

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8-ball has given you some great ideas, but if some days those options don’t work, consider doing your PE in bed at night. Having some slight variation in your routine may enhance your PE efforts, anyway.

In a couple weeks, I’m going to be traveling overseas for a while, and complete privacy won’t always be possible. Part of the time I’ll have a roommate, or bunkmates on a train. But people won’t question my going to bed with a rice sock “for tight muscles.” Not everywhere I go will have a microwave, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you in a dorm setting. I’m used to doing wet jelqs, and I understand dry jelqs can create problems if you’re not watching what you’re doing. So I’ll have to monitor by “feel” rather than by “sight,” doing it “undercover” at night. The only trick is doing stretches and dry jelqs quietly enough so as not to be heard by a roommate.


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