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Not sure what to do.

Not sure what to do.

It’s been three months now and I have seen pretty much no gains to my erect length and girth, which is exactly why I’m doing P.E. My flaccids are hanging a bit longer these days, and I’ve had nothing but positive P.I’s.

My routine is:

5 mins warmup
5 mins stretch in all directions
10 mins jelq (40 dry, 40 wet, 40 stretch jelq)
5 mins warmdown
100+ kegels

I do this for 4 days on 1 off. I’m at least 80% consistent.

I have also tried Horse 440’s but it’s very uncomfortable gripping my engorged glans, particularly just under it. How can you do them without discomfort? Also, am I undertraining? I’ve been using this routine for just over two weeks after I stopped doing my excercise identical to the Newbie routine.

Starting BPEL: 7.0, EG: 5.0

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This is a relatively light routine, considering that you are already 3 months into PE. The fact that you have been getting only positive PIs and no gains would seem to suggest that you were under-training.

I would recommend gradually increasing session time, while continuing to keep track of PIs. If the PIs deteriorate somewhat, scale back your routine to the level that was giving you the best PIs. Once you start getting gains, you should keep your routine unchanged until the gains dry up.

Thanks. I’ll try and get some more things into my routine but as I said above, I’m having trouble with the horse’s too uncomfortable gripping my engorged glans and pushing down, is this something I just have to get over?

Starting BPEL: 7.0, EG: 5.0

My Dream: BPEL 8.0, EG 6.0

I don’t think you need to add any new exercises, yet. IMO, you should just increase jelqing and stretching time.

I would suggest you leave off the Horse’s It is a very advanced form of Pe and could be undoing the gains you might be making by using the more conventional methods.

You could try pumping. Many guys (me included) have made gains by pumping Mainly on Girth but even that will usually help the hang, and can give some length.

Certainly if you are not gaining using your routine it’s worth trying something else.

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Two thoughts. First, maybe mix up the days on/off since. There seems to be controversy over whether this works but I think I benefited by “keeping my dick guessing.” Second, maybe do a wrap for a couple hours after the workout and maybe again later in the day (below is some text I copied from another post I just made today).

When wrapping with an ace bandage, you must be mindful of it. Do not wrap tight at all, just enough to keep it stretched. It doesn’t need to be stretched all the way either. When I wrap, I use a 2” ace that is cut in half lengthwise (only need about 15 inches). Pull you dick out straight, then start wrapping just below the head and just enough so the wrap doesn’t slip off. Wrap lightly down to the base and then back up until you are out of bandage. Fasten with the Velcro or just tuck the end into the last go-round.

You should be able to pee easily with the wrap on since it is not compressing anything. That’s a good test, but I don’t recommend this though since it is very likely you’ll end up dripping after you tuck it back in!

Again, be mindful that you have it on. Shove your hand down there every half hour and if their is any coldness, take it off and call it a day. Try the next day and wrap lighter. It’s better that the bandage lose it’s grip than you injure yourself.

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