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Not growing hmm.


Originally Posted by BMashina
Ok, you can see my stats down below. I havent gained anything. I do a good warmup with an electric heater or rice sack for maybe 10 minutes. Do some light stretches for about 2 or 3 minutes, and then around 100 jelgs followed by a cool down about 3 times a week.

I havent seen a single gain. I feel like I am doing too much sometimes, I can’t tell. Flaccid isnt great, erections are fine except I have un-inflated glans, but I am ok with that as long as I hit my goals, which I feel are very modest. I have been chain smoking cigars for the past four months, which I think I am done as of today. I finally have chemistry with an amazing girl, and don’t want to be perfect except for one thing, makes me so scared to have sex, and I am still a virgin.

Any pro’s out there, any recommendations? Should I go with the full newbie routine and see what happens?

Pick it up a little Bro, take your work out up to a 20-30 minute jelqing session 5 days a week, rest if you need it. You can cut the warm up to 5 minutes. Cigars should be a once a week treat when your out with the boys.

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Originally Posted by danman88

Oh and really, you posses a normal size lol. Even though it might not seem like it with all this media bullshit.\

That’s true.

I’m at the 8x6 mark and apparently that’s a size that only 0.1% of the male population possess and your size is a perfectly normal size, infact there’s a large percentage of men with smaller dicks than yours, much smaller in a lot of cases so stop worrying.

Just relax about being with this lady as being anything other than relaxed is like dickryptonite!

You will be softer than a wet marshmallow.

Take your mind off your dick when you’re with her, try to chill out and just appreciate her womanly-ness, her touch, smell, soft skin, soft hair, kissable lips and so on and so forth..

Do that and your dick will be standing to attention like a muthafucker and ready and willing to do your evil bidding.


Starting stats:- Dec11th2008 7.2"bpelx6" meg.Mar23rd09 8.375"bpel x 6.125"meg. Mar10 8.4" bpelx6.125" meg.

Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

Yeah I think you need to step it up a little (perhaps try the newbie routine), only a chosen few seems to be able to pull off the mysterious less is more approach.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your words. This is really motivational, I will definetly work on not being nervous. You have all really made me quite happy.

8/12/09 5.70" x 4.9" NBP

Goal: 6.5" x 5.25" NBP

Originally Posted by danman88
Don’t worry, relax, I’ve been in your shoes. Remember, there is more important things to worry about in this world, besides how big your dick is. Right now there are people being tortured and permanently maimed all over the world. As I type someone is probably being permanently disfigured. It’s sad to think. So look, you only live once, if she really likes you, she won’t judge you.

Btw, don’t start off going too hard on your dick. Start with maybe trying to get better erection quality or EQ, this seemed to be a significant way for me make gains.


Oh and really, you posses a normal size lol. Even though it might not seem like it with all this media bullshit.\

Yeah stop cigarettes, I know I don’t gain SHIT when I smoke weed or cigarettes, sadly :( . Because I love weed, but yeah man, your golden, don’t worry, if she likes you, you must have something going for you.

And the glans is supposed to be kind of soft, Kegels man Kegels, ready my progress thread, Kegels could be your answer.

Lol Everyone’s been in his shoes.

Everyone is nervous the first couple of times. And you should expect yourself to be a superstar at intercourse straight off the bat either.

As for how big one’s dick is, in my personal opinion, I think it IS one of the most important things in the world, right after Compassion and Power.

But with your stats you have nothing to be afraid of.

Inhaling that number of cigars is incredibly unhealthy, it would be a massive health plus if, believe it or not, you simply switched to regular cigarettes lol but quitting is the best option.

You should definitely increase your routine. If you really want to know the best ways to do this you should do as much reading on this site as possible.

And you should work your way up to do 20 minutes of 5 second max strength kegels followed by 20 minutes of max duration kegels 1day on 1 day off. You’ll be hard as stone if you do that.


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