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No Expansion!!!

No Expansion!!!

When I jelq I have noticed very little expansion above my grip throughout my stroke. The only time I get expansion is when I jelq with a 20-30% erection.

Anything beyond that and my tunica hardens. When I get into the 35-75% range it tightens up in a sense, and when I exercise I don’t feel like I am doing much.

I warm up for at least 5 minutes before my workout, so I don’t think this is from a lack of warm up.

My starting stats are less than impressive, not small, just not big. I top out at 6.25” Bpel and 4.7 Mseg, and am not happy with this size. I feel as though a bigger penis, while not necessarily making you happy, can and is directly related to self confidence and success with women. I have a ton of dedication, but after 3 months off and on - (due to SUPPOSED injury) I have yet to gain.

It’s so hard to decide and know what is working for you because of a major contradiction in opinion amongst members. I decided to take a month off from the forum so that I didn’t drive myself insane with all of these contradictions in opinion, and assess what feels right for me. Problem is that nothing really feels like I’m hitting the jackpot so-to-speak.

What could I possibly do to change things up, and find my so called sweet spot?


You don’t give any details of the routine you have been following , so it impossible to give you any help.

Have you tried the Newbie Routine? If not that is the place to start, and comment on how you found it.Then we can perhaps make a suggesed routine or give guidance .

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I have been doing 10 minutes of jelqing with a rice sock for warm up and warm down.

I decided to leave stretching out of the equation while my unit becomes more conditioned.

Anyone have any advice? I need help fellow PEers.

I think you answered the question, yourself. You should jelq at whatever erection level produces expansion above your grip.

To be more clear though, does your tunica harden beneath (at) your grip? Your tunica will harden as it expands above your grip, but when it hardens at your grip, I don’t think you can effectively cause greater expansion above.

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I mean that my unit gets tough in a sense, like it feels hard in my hand and not very malleable even at a 50% erection level. The only way to get that spongy like expansion that everyone talks about is to jelq around 20-30%. I want length and girth and would like to focus on both at the same time. Any advice?

Disregard the percentage erection level. If it isn’t bendable, you are erect jelqing. Keep it spongy beneath your grip so that it expands to or beyond your normal erection level above your grip.

Jelqing usually results in length and girth gains. A routine of nothing but jelqing and stretching is completely sufficient for the entire career of some guys. There isn’t really another single exercise that can do what jelqing can. Throw some heat in there for good measure. If that doesn’t yield any gains after a few months, you can try pumping, hanging and other more extreme exercises.

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Originally Posted by donpatch84
I have a ton of dedication, but after 3 months off and on - (due to SUPPOSED injury) I have yet to gain.

For me this is something that takes a lot of persistence, I’m still a newb myself. If I don’t keep up a good solid routine or nothing happens, and, to add to that, nothing happened for my first 6 months, but then I was off and on about it at that time. I’d do it for 2 days.. Off for 2, on for 3, then something would come up and I’d forget about it for 2 weeks.

The last 3 months have been the only time where I’ve had something to tell me “Look Jawbone, you’re going to do this.” and it is very rare I don’t.. Incidentally this is the only time I’ve felt I really gained anything. And it’s rough right now. I’m going full time to school and part time work and barely manage to meet up with my girl as it is. My nutrition consists of when I find the time to eat and sleep is very difficult to achieve. I’m lacking about 4*60 hours of rest right now. All these things are terrible for my PE.. And I know my dick feels it.

Aside from that, only by visualizing what’s going on inside of penis do I achieve results. In a jelq I imagine the blood flowing through it, filling every nook and adding a little stretch to it. If I just ‘do it’, even with all the right erection levels. Nothing happens. Maybe this will work for you.

A lot of good suggestions in this thread.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

I never got a clear definitive answer about this, so I’m bumping the thread to try and get some answers. I think that’s what you call it bumping, ha. I don’t know?

PE has been off and on for me so I’m starting again with a modified less intense newbie routine to condition myself for tougher exercises. In my opinion the newbie routine is way to intense(for me at least).

Anyway I was still wondering why my penis doesn’t get this great expansion when I jelq. There is expansion above my grip, but regardless of force or erection level, my penis has never been able to exceed my erect girth during a jelqing session.

If anybody has any ideas as to why I am unable to get this expansion that is supposedly needed to gain, I would extremely appreciate it.

P.S My PI’s are, and have always been fine. There is no pain or decreased hardness of erections.



You must stretch after warm up. Warm up sets you up for stretching, stretching sets you up for jelqing. Keep you dick in that spongy state jelq at 30-40%. I am beginning to think there is good growth potential for those who jelq at lower erection levels. Save the higher erection levels for girth work.

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Hey I think Your image of expansion is over exaggerated. I’m a newbie my self but when I jelq for 10 minutes I barley see any expansion what so ever. But I’ve just started. My unit does not know what it like to be bigger yet, that is why this newbie routine is here. To align your bad boy and get it trained. I like to see it as boot camp for your unit.

Once you do this for a few months and complete boot camp, I’m sure it’s when you’ll see reasonable expansion. But watch the jelqing videos. You’ll notice he not expanding extravagantly. It’s mostly skin you see building above the grip.

So don’t really worry about your expansion, get a nice fluffy semi erection. Something that you can bend and flop around and jelq. Jelq pulling up if you want. Try jelqing in different directions. You might find you get a better fill jelqing towards the ceiling or towards the ground. I have very little (not as in small but as in, not very many) red dots along my shaft. And one or two on my head. This might be a little to intense but one or two dots ain’t bad in my opinion. Especially since my unit isn’t used to to the PE yet. So I would expect dots at the beginning. That’s why I probably get a few every now and then.

But if you get those, then you know for sure that your filling it pretty good. And if you wanted to know, I jelq after I stretch and I have probably 40% erection starting out. I usually do 5 min dry. Then when I start my other 5 min, I do them wet, and my erection increased to about 70 to 80% but that’s when I feel the best fill.

But I noticed you weren’t getting your question answered, so I hope this helps.


And I don’t think the newbie routine will give you any problems.
Do what the routine says. It’s only as intense as you make it. Don’t pull hard if you think your stretching for too long. They say stretch between 15 and 30 sec. So try 15 sec stretching for 5 min. And when jelqing if it hurts loosen the grip. And make sure your warming up before and after. You can do that every 5 min if you want. The warmer the better. But there is no way it can be too intense for you. It’s all you on how you train your unit.

But best of luck man!

I hear people talk about the whole expansion thing. I use and overhand grip since its the only way I can jelq properly, and my hand covers my penis, so I can’t see it. However, I do feel like the portion of the penis beyond my jelq grip is thicker, so I am wondering if that means I am getting that pump/push thing going on. Or is that the skin like some claim?

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