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Nickel Allergies and the ECO-Extender

Nickel Allergies and the ECO-Extender

Apparently the ECO-Extender metal parts are nickel plate.. For me this is evil!! I was using a cutup sock to try and keep the metal surfaces from touching my skin but only with a little success. What I did today seems to be a good solution. I cut 2 1x6 pieces of sock and sewed them into a tube that I could slip over the extender rods then hot glued 2 round (nickel plated) pieces that fit into the base to sock material and cut around them. What I ended up with is something that doesn’t effect the function of the extender but also keeps all the metal parts off my skin! Sucks being allergic to such things as nickel as it is far too common! Attached pic shows the extender after using a sock to “fix” it for me.

I’ve read that “nickel contact allergy” is fairly common I don’t know how “common” was being determined but I figured I would show the solution I used for it since it’s not too difficult to accomplish. While doing it tho I thought maybe just using cellophane tape on the surfaces of the rods might have worked just as well but.. I was already done.

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Another thing about the ECO-Extender is that the slots cut where the straps are put through are way too wide for the thickness of the strap. I didn’t realize just how much until today after I used many layers of cellophane tape to line the edges of the slots. The initial reason I did that was because the edges of the slots are very sharp and were cutting into the strap literally shearing off the pads on the strap that are used to hold it in place (lost 2 already and 2 more are torn). Another problem is that the straps could not stay in place because the pads would pull out and “tilt” (top part of a “pad” would be out but bottom half would be in place). That is probably the biggest comfort killer. I added at least a dozen more strips of tape to “tighten” up the slots a bit and I am testing it now seems to be working great. I can use high tension since the straps hold in place and dont “tilt”.

I don’t know if the other strap based extenders are like this but if they are you definitely could use a bit of tape to fix the problem. I was REALLY concerned that even 3 “extra” straps would soon get used up but now I’ll be able to use this 1 strap for a long time hopefully even tho 4 of the ridges or “pads” have been sheared off.

You could have also covered the rods with clear tubing. Would look a lot neater.

Or you know what? How about dipping them in a polyurethane coating?

I know, you are already done, but it would look more professional. :)


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