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Newbie, my story, and a question

Newbie, my story, and a question

My faith in the Internet has been restored. I used to think that there were two things you could never find accurate information about on the Internet. Weight loss and PE. I guess I was wrong about the latter. I have been trolling, reading, and experimenting with PE for the past month. This weekend I decided to start an actual routine and would like to become an active member of the boards here.

My story starts with where I am, college senior 22 years old, 5.25 BPEL 5.4 EG (short and stubby). Back in high school I was proud of my size. I got a compliment when I was 15 that I was “bigger than an 18 year old.” That high lasted until my freshman year of college when I started dating this girl. Before I ever whipped it out for her she had bragged to me about all the dicks she had seen (I should have walked away right then). She admitted herself that she loved “the D.” Well, eventually that magical night came and she reached down my pants. My bliss was abruptly cut short however, as she said “hmm, you’re pretty small.” And so began my struggle…

But it didn’t stop there. I am not the most confident guy to begin with which is probably why I stayed with her so long. I got to hear in great detail about all the dicks she had seen/touched/blown (but not fucked, she was a Christian… anything and everything but sex was OK with god apparently). Sometimes riding in her car she would put “Short Dick Man” on the radio and look over to see my reaction. Eventually we broke it off. I saw her about a year later and we talked. Within 5 minutes she told me that her fiance was smaller than me and even gave a visual depiction with her fingers… while he stood 5 feet away talking on his cell. She was one enigmatic bitch and she scared my esteem for life.

Fast forward through a few short relationships during college. My size effected my self esteem with girls and my own insecurities usually brought things to an end. More than once when discussing sexual history with a girl she would bring up size. And if that girl did, she always had the *exact* measurements of her biggest and was so proud she had received such a nice dick. I would also listen to girls talk amongst themselves. Size is a very common topic when they get on the topic of sex. Examples: “Mark, John was huge, Sam had a little dick, Mike…” “I walked through the locker room and didn’t see anything I wanted to date.” The adage goes… some women don’t care about size. This may be true. But girls my age undoubtedly do.

Sure, those girls will grow up into women one day and appreciate a guy beyond his size. I have no doubt that one day I will meet a mature woman that will accept me for who I am and what I have. But that day isn’t today or anytime in the foreseeable future. And I refuse to be celibate. So thats what brings me here. I want to get back my confidence and get started early so that I can enjoy life pleasing women to my fullest.

And the subject of immature girls also brings me to my question. To be a successful PE’er I know that it takes a lot of time and effort. I highly doubt a girl my age is going to be comfortable with any discussion of PE. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions regarding keeping up a PE routine and keeping it secret while dating or being in a serious relationship? Furthermore, when would be the right time, forum, context to bring up the topic with your partner (though my experience tells me never)?

Thanks again for the great site and I look forward to posting.

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> I got to hear in great detail about all the dicks she had seen/touched/blown (but not fucked, she was a Christian… anything and everything but sex was OK with god apparently) <

You know how this kind of girl ends. Take a good lough of the destiny they are about to face. And all this no sex stuff is idiotic. Even showing off is a viaolation of any christians moral rules introduced about 400 years ago after the church got enough of popes nailing 11 year old girls. Forget the religion crap the catholics and alike introduced. Those ‘priest’ have nothing to do with the real message of jesus. Remember Jesus blowing away the religions the people faced those days? His message whas: Who ever you are, God loves you. What every you do, god will forgive you and will still love you. Where is this message gone to?

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she was a Christian… anything and everything but sex was OK with god apparently…


Welcome rehx, nice post. You will find Thunders an exceptionally nice place.

Personally, I PE in the shower using Sorbolene cream with vitamin E. It’s an OK lubricant as long as you keep it semi dry. You can also wash and shave with it and tell your gf that it is due to skin irritation using normal soaps.

When the gf notices an increase twice, then you can introduce her to why you PE.


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