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Newbie Here, Just Started

Newbie Here, Just Started

Hello Everyone, I Actually Started Yesterday And Will Start Recording Hanging Gains Today 11/08/09.

After Reading a lot on it, And Purchasing The Bib Hanger, I Started Hanging.
My Measurements Are:

11/08/09 Erect Length 5.8 Inches
11/08/09 Erect Girth 4.75 Inches

My Goal Is To Someday Be 8.5 Inches Long When Erect.

I Post This Thread Mostly as a Self-reminder And To Ask For Any Advice You Might Have, Which Would Be Greatly Appreciated. With That Said My Routine Is:

Hanging Weight: 2.5 Lbs
Hanging Twice In Morning. Each Session Being 20 Min Long With A 10 Min Break In Between.
Same At Night.
I Warm My Penis Up Before The 1st Session Both In The Morning And At Night. I Also Slap My Penis On My Legs In Between Sessions To Return Blood Flow.

I Hang BC, I Sit On A Computer Chair With My Butt Right On The Edge So That My Dick Is Being Pulled Straight Down. Also, My Feet Are Proped Up To About The Same Height As My Butt.

I Plan On Following This Routine For A Week, Then Adding One More Session, One in The Morning And One At Night, Making A Total Of Three 20 Min Sessions In The Morning And Three 20 Min Sessions At Night. Then I Plan To Start Adding Weight 1 Lb Per Week.

Please Do Help Me With Any Advice You May Have. My Main Question: Should I Shoot For More Than Three Sessions In The Morning And At Night And Then Add Weight, Or Is My Schedule Looking Like Something You’d Recommend? Is 2.5lbs Not Enough Weight To Start With? And Lastly Is There Anything I Could Do While Hanging That Could Increase Or Speed Up Gains?

Thanks In Advance,


I don’t think you should jump into hanging.You need to start with the newbie routine first.

(06-23-08):nBPEL: 5.500 x MSEG: 4.250 x FL: 3.500

(10-24-09):nBPEL: 6.000 x MSEG: 4.500 x FL: 5.000

(Christmas 2009):nBPEL: 0.000 x MSEG: 0.000 x FL: 0.000

Yeah, and don’t capitalize the first letter of every word, kind of annoying.

Don’t capitalise the first letter of every word and: begin with the newbie routine - it’s good you’ve purchased a hanger, but: don’t use it right away :)

Take starting pictures! Trust me. Everybody who hasn’t wishes they had.

The newbie routine has been tried and tested with great results so you won’t go wrong starting there. I honestly think that hanging is probably safer than manual stretches though (low force over long durations vs unknown force over short durations) so I think you would be fine to start with hanging as well as long as you do so with common sense and patience. Start with very low wieght and add weight slowly. Keep in mind that I am not a hanger, so take my words with a grain of salt.

Happy gaining!

I didn’t mean to capitalize the first letter of every word, I think I was writing in all caps and it somehow got transformed to that setting. Thanks for the replies.

I read a lot newbie threads and where to start threads, and a lot of them said one could go straight into hanging. For the people that said I shouldn’t jump straight into hanging, can you please elaborate why? Thanks in advance, again I’m just trying to learn.


Do a very gentle newbie routine first.

Milk all the gains you can out of it.

When that stops then you can go and shock

Your unit into growth via hanging.

Good luck.

Believe it and Achieve it.

Get everything you can from manual routines before going to devices and weights.

I’ve had good gains so far plus I’m getting good conditioning for when/if my gains stop and I do decide to hang or pump. If you don’t condition yourself you stand a much greater chance of injury, or maybe even stop your gains too early by making you penis react and become resistant to being worked, which will lead to a long break from PE.

Creating my monster. Start (3/01/06): BPEL-7 3/8", EG-5 1/4". Current (11/01/09): BPEL-8", EG-5 7/8". Goal BPEL-8 1/2", EG-6 1/4"

About 14 months total PE time. I'm very inconsistent.

Don’t do hanging at the moment. You might injure yourself if you jump into hanging immediately. Do the newbie routine first and you’ll see great gains for sure. Happy gaining!

Thanks to all that replied. As for hanging, I’m going to stop right away and start the newbie routine. It does make lots of sense to first milk all growth from manual exercises and then moving on to hanging. Please post your manual exercise routines, I’m guessing everyone’s different but would like to see what’s out there.

When I started PE it was from a different website a couple of years ago, but the routine wasn’t that different from the newbie routine here. But no matter where the routine comes from, there are many on the Internet, I think you should look at it as a way to get familiar with the exercises and to get a feel for what’s involved/what you can handle and the conditioning you receive as you go through the exercises.

I started with SO (straight out) stretches holding for a two or three seconds at a time trying to get how I gripped and the stretch right, which will be different from one person to the next. My glans was small in proportion my shaft which didn’t make that easy. I also had trouble getting the grip of my right hand to work as well as my left hand.

Once I got that OK I increased the number of stretches and the duration for a few weeks, then moved on to various angles of stretching, SO, up, down, left, right for a few seconds each, then kept increasing the times and reps once I was comfortable with them. After a few of weeks that I moved to rotary cranks (all the way around like a clock), once again feeling my way through it and working up to multiple times around on one pull after a few weeks.

I don’t exactly remember my routine, that was actually in 2006, not 2007 like my signature says ( I’m changing that), but was stretching for between 45 minutes to 1 hour, sometimes more. I know that because I put a windup clock in the bathroom. But I basically added the new exercises onto the old exercises, and threw in some modifications like giving the left/right stretches a little up and down movement and the up/down stretches a little side to side movement, but when I did that I used a crank to finish them off in sets instead of always doing cranks. It took me about 2 months to get to that point which some may say is aggressive and some may not.

I only ever did about 300 jelqs max but always did them and was/still am lazy with kegels.

And always use each hand the same number of times. I used 5 or 10 each hand as a set for stretches, and 20 to 25 jelqs each hand for sets (that’s about how long I could maintain my erection level I jelqed at)

I think that most everyone agrees that stretching downward gives the best lig stretches, especially BTC, but I just started doing BTC stretches, A stretches and V stretches, and reverse kegels this year, because I didn’t know about them until I found this wonderful website. But as you can see I didn’t concentrate only on downward stretches. Stretching up works the tunica and I figured why not do that too. But that’s me and how I started.

Note: Now I’m really thinking about getting back into a good stretch routine, I basically do maintenance stretching now, but I’ve increased my glans size and can probably get a better grip now (sometimes I would get terrible red spots and bruising from my right hand slowly slipping to my glans, grip aids helped but didn’t stop it). Sucks having a small head, I even had a complaint about it once, or more like “it’s just that you’re head isn’t.”. But that sounded like a complaint to me.

Hope this helps you some, and remember to work your way into it and listen to what your body tells you.

Creating my monster. Start (3/01/06): BPEL-7 3/8", EG-5 1/4". Current (11/01/09): BPEL-8", EG-5 7/8". Goal BPEL-8 1/2", EG-6 1/4"

About 14 months total PE time. I'm very inconsistent.

Alright, I gotta correct that last post.

I spent my first 3 months figuring out exercises, Feb, Mar, Apr. Then I became inconsistent, sometimes not doing PE for a month. But I really started into it again in Dec ‘06 and went all the way to March ‘07. That’s when I got my workout times up to the 1 hour mark and beyond on stretching, plus another hour jelqing. I remember that now since I’m thinking of starting a good stretch routine again incorporating the exercises I’ve learned here. Part of my routine then was soaking and relaxing in the tub with really hot water before I began my routine. I remember that because it was cold outside and the tub felt really great. I think that also helped with my length gains because the heat loosened things up and really made me hang low. If the water stayed hot enough I would get back in at times during my routine and even did stretches in the tub. I actually made it to 8 1/4” length, but still didn’t get much girth. But that was after about 5 or 6 months of total PE time, the last 2 being the intense workouts.

And you might want to take it easy on the downward stretches. I remember getting very sore ligs when I started those and had to let up a bit.

Creating my monster. Start (3/01/06): BPEL-7 3/8", EG-5 1/4". Current (11/01/09): BPEL-8", EG-5 7/8". Goal BPEL-8 1/2", EG-6 1/4"

About 14 months total PE time. I'm very inconsistent.

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