Newb Jelq Qs: 4 fingers? Over Foreskin? Supps?

Hi All,

I am just starting a more regimented routine and I had a few questions. I am new to jelqing (but have been occasionally using the bathmate for about a year) ..

1. Is more than one finger more effective when jelqing? It seems I could keep more pressure on when using two, or even a whole hand. Is using 2-4 fingers on your grip a good or bad idea and why?

2. I’m not circumcised and when I am jelqing I could easily go over the head a little bit, I know it says to stop at it but does it hurt to finish off and go over it a bit?

3. I am using it in conjunction with the bathmate, from my research it seems people advise for before, but doing it after seems to make some sense to me as well. I am going to try both and see what I like, but do any of you have a preference?

4. I ordered Lecithin, Zinc and Pegeum to increase semen production, do any of you do this, and if so, do you take supplements 7 days a week? Or do you take one day off (I am considering taking Sundays off from supplements to give my body a chance to re-balance)

5. When I use the bathmate sometimes it feels like veins / tubes are getting sucked in. It sorta hurts, but not really, but it just feels like if the pressure is too hard when that happens it wouldn’t be good. It doesn’t always happen on every session, but does this happen to you? Any way to avoid it?

Thanks for all of your advice in advance! This forum is a great resource.

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