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Hi guys, I was wondering if someone experienced could point me in the right direction as I’m fairly useless at navigating these sorts of things.

Basically I’m looking to straighten out my curve and improve my girth primarily, obviously not going to complain about added length. I’m also a bit of a hypochondriac and so I’d like to avoid anything that could endanger my penis (if that’s possible), I’ve heard about these venous leaks and It puts me off slightly. Id also prefer not to buy a pump if that’s possible.

Anyone that could push me in the right direction to some guides or anything would be much obliged.

Look in the newbie forum and read and familiarize yourself with the Newbie Routine. Follow that carefully and good luck!

:_pump: :donatecar

go for it dude

it works and I was the biggest sceptic

Hey thatgyulol,

I’m also working on my curve. I have found the best way to be manual stretches. I’m estimating I have reduced my curve by 8-10 degrees (wild guess), and also put on a good amount of added length. Straight out stretches has worked the best for me so far. :)

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