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new V jelq technique (great for average and below average size guys)

new V jelq technique (great for average and below average size guys)

So i stumbled upon this technique randomly while jelqing and I havnt seen anyone else write about it. I found that it gave me an unparalleld level of pressure for the jelq and taught me to tighten my grip using the traditional OK grip technique to improve my jelqing. So even if you dont use this technique ever again try it to see how much engorgement you should be achieving with your OK grip! It also seems to lengthen me more than the OK grip so thats something to consider

Simply make the V shape with your index finger and middle finger. With you palm facing you body, place the V directly at the base of your member and push the V down so that the smallest gap between your fingers is where your member is (I appreciate that large guys will have no use for this technique). Jelq forward to the base of the head with the V and repeat with other hand.

try it out and tell me what you think. I found it taught me a bit about how to engorge my member properly

I’m having trouble picturing it. Are you saying that there should be no gap/space between your penis and the skin between your fingers?

Isn’t that just a normal V-jelq?

Start - BPEL 16.9cm (6.65") - MSEG 12.4cm (4.88")

Now - BPEL 18.8cm (7.40") - MSEG 12.9cm (5.07")

LONG Term Goal - BPEL 20.5 (8.07") - MSEG 14.6 (5.74")

sleepy yea your penis should be tightly squeezed between the smallest point between ur fingers.

Drew it very well could be haha. I have never seen it written up anywhere so thought id share :>

At Soft: Yeah, the V-Jelq has been around for a while.

Since at least February 2008.

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Been doing this for years.


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