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new to Thunder's Place...

new to Thunder's Place...

But not to jelqing. I’ve been jelqing since Aug. 1 2002, and think it’s run out of steam, so looked for a place to learn about stretching and here I am. This is by far the most welcoming and information loaded site I’ve come across about PE!

I started PE with an even 6” BPL and have worked up to around 7.5” BPL through jelqing and manual stretches but haven’t had any gains for a few months. I found this site and built the PVC pipe stretcher, actually pretty comfortable with 5 lbs which is what I’m starting out with.

My goal is to reach 8” BPL by the end of the year (tell me if this seems absurd—a half inch gain in 3 months. seems sound to me.). My routine:

10 minute heating with hot towel or cup of water
10 minute stretch w/ 5 lbs.
30 minute jelq (which is what I’ve been doing the past 8 months)
10 minute heating w/ hot wrap or cup o’ water

plus sporadic 10 minute stretches throughout the day w/ 5 lbs.— usually 3 times a day.

I’m planning on focusing more on stretching than jelqing as I get used to it.

Do you think it’s better to stretch then jelq, or the other way around?



Welcome, 1.5 inches in a year is some pretty good gains, congratulations.

You mentioned you have been jelqing since last aug. and say 30 minute jelq for last 8 months. Did you take time off or change how long you jelqed in that 4 - 5 months?

Did you do any other exercises?

1/2 inch in 3 months is very doable for some guys. You’ve had pretty good results in the past perhaps your new routine will get you going again.

For me Jelqing and stretching together have provided the best results but if I was going to only do one and I was looking for length I’d probably go with stretching.

Have you gained any girth in this time?

Good luck.


I began August 2002 doing 10 minutes of jelqing 5 or 6 days a week and increased to 30 minutes over a month and a half. I’ve always done warm-ups and a little bit of manual stretching in the beginning, but more after the first 2 months. Over the 12 months before I began researching stretching I also had 3 2 week breaks when I couldn’t do the excercises because I was travelling or something.

I haven’t taken good girth measurements but I remember to begin with I was 1.5 in diameter when squeezed (measured looking down from above and at the top) and now I’m almost 2” across (squeezed), and 4.75” circumferance not squeezed/5.25” circumferance squeezed. I need to get better about keeping track of these measurements.

But for now I’m really working on length, going with the idea that you get the length then fill it in.

I think in 2004 I’m going for a total of 8.5 BPL and around 6” girth at the top, not squeezed.

I’ll try and get a photo up soon.



Sounds like you will make the 1/2 by the end of year. You have been doing great so far. Keep up the great job and post that picture when you get around to. Did you get a starting picture by chance as well. You could always look into the Penimaster as well for a good stretch.

Congrats again

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

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