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New to the forums

New to the forums

Hi guys.

Well, after being depressed for awhile, I finally came across a board like this (which I’ve been seeking for some time now). However, reading about all these 6inch penises being average really gets to my ego. I myself have been ‘lucky’ enough to be endowed with a 5”x4” penis erect, and my flaccid length is just embarassing. Sigh, knowing everyone I walk by has a bigger penis than me is starting to affect my confidence too. I was wondering if there’s any hope for me :[. I’m 18 years old and wondering if now would be a good time to start PE.



Hello. Happy Holidays and welcome to the forum. Of course there is hope for you. The best place to start is START HERE —> Most Important Newbie Threads/Info

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Start now and your 19th B-Day present will be 6X5.

Your measurements are about the same as mine and I wished I would have started PE when I was 18. You’re in luck by the fact that you are 18 and have plenty of time to work on it while you’re young and getting ready to start out being sexually active. (although you may be already)

As far as being depressed over it I can tell you that it’s not really worth it. I thought about it a lot when I was your age but never really did anything to try and change it. I actually think that I got so caught up in it that I did not do some of the things in life that I wanted to do because of it. I was always afraid of the other guy being bigger than I was so I sort of removed that equation from my life by just not doing something that may involve other males seeing me penis or being compared to other males. I wanted to do things like sports and such but never would for the fear of having to change or shower in front of other guys. I also had a lot of chances to have sex when I was younger that I passed up because of the fear of being compared to others. Don’t let yourself get caught up in that. Don’t worry what the other guys have between there legs because I have discovered in life that I am not alone and a lot of males are in the exact same shape I am in as far as my equipment size goes. Just enjoy life and don’t let yours revolve around the size of your dick. ;)

Good luck with your endeavors to increase your size.

If you work hard it will definitely grow bigger.

Best of luck my friend .


Thanks for the help guys.

Brisk, the way you felt about sports and sex is exactly how I felt while I grew up. Your words were actually very comforting and strangely enough, I actually don’t feel as alone as I did in the beginning of the day. I think this forum is definitely going to be helpful.



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