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New to PE

New to PE

Hi, I just want to thank anyone who decides to help me out with some info.

Recently I’ve thought about my penis size a lot, and I finally measured it today. I am 4” flaccid and 6” erect. As for my girth it’s around 4 1/2 inches.

I have heard about methods using “v-gelq” (I’m not sure if I got that right) but I can’t find out information about it (how reliable it is, etc).

Please, if you could help me with methods to increase my girth (I’m happy with 6” when erect in terms of length) from 4 1/2 inches to around 5 1/2 I would be grateful.

I know it takes time, but I’m willing to stick at it. And also, if the methods also improve penis length then that is definitely a plus. Thanks for your time.

Welcome to the wonderful world of penis enlargement.

The Newbie Routine is a good place to start Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that stretches won’t impact on girth and certainly don’t immediately jump to the exercises marked for advanced girth gains. Advanced means capable of making a difference once your cock is immune to other lesser stuff, not a quick way to gain for those starting out.

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Welcome to the group anotheruser!
Definitely follow the newbie routine for a period of time to start with, during that time you will gain experience on PE and learn your body which will help you be successful. You may get some nice newbie gains as most people do, so aim for those easy newbie gains that come from simple methods that are found in the newbie routine, then after your newbie gains reassess your situation and decide on your goals and path you will take from there. You don’t want to break your cock, it needs to be trained properly. More intense and advanced techniques does not mean it’s better for you and going to help you reach your goals sooner.
I personally seen fantastic results when I was a newbie, and all it took was simple manual stretching and jelqing. My measurement on my ruler kept climbing up the ranks, and my hardness increased so much that my girl friend mentioned it right away.

Try to make sure you are measuring properly, and triple check your measurements, you will be happy you did later when you see clear gains, and that also will help motivate you to gain more. Also start reading and learning here on Thunder’s Place, it’s surprising how much information is flowing around here.
Keep us updated on your progress!

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

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