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New to PE Got some goof ball questions.

New to PE Got some goof ball questions.

Hey guys,

Some background information: I discovered this heavenly site maybe about 2 weeks ago because I am just beginning to date this girl and she happens to be a bit more experienced than me and I feel that when the time comes to finally whip the mister out I want to impress her. Now, I DON’T WANNA SCARE HER. But I do wanna just be a bit more than average. I happen to be average now, at least for length, I believe I am a bit under average for girth. So I just wanna get the ABSOLUTE most gains I can in say a month or 2. =). And I also just wanna make her happy. I started PE about 1 and a half weeks ago with the newb routine I found through the search engine on TP.

So anyways, I was looking around the site and I have some Q’s. Any responses are completely appreciated.

So, first, what is Loss-of-Tugback?
I started to read about it, but it just plain confused me.

So here’s my info..
My EL when pressing the ruler against my bone is about 6.6 inches
I am thin so when I don’t press and just rest it.. It’s like.. 6.1

I am semi-OK with my length for now, but my girth is like 4.5 (OH! Another thing. I need some tips for how I should measure this because I have tried yarn but as I turns out all strings seem to.. Stretch a bit.. So it’s really inaccurate. And where on my thing should I measure the girth, I mean people say mid shaft. But does that mean the line where the skin slightly changes in pigment? Because that doesn’t seem to be the middle of my shaft; that’s more like 2/3 the way up. I guess I’ll use measuring tape or something? It’s really tough to be consistent with girth I think..

Anyways! So with 6.5 BPEL x 4.5, I wanna maybe end up like 7.5x 5.5? Sounds proportional? It would just be really nice. I know it takes time, but maybe if I was really good in my exercises and had some luck I could maybe get my length to 7 flat by a month or 2? Maybe? Anyways, my MAIN THING I wanna improve is my girth.. I looked at charts and I am like 40th percentile for girth I think. But, then again I didn’t measure that accurately. So I WANNA IMPROVE MY GIRTH! But here’s my routine:

1. So I first take a heating pad and just turn it on high (which is pretty warm not too hot) and rotate the heating pad when it gets a bit less warm and do this for 5 minutes.

2. Then I stretch my penis in different ways. (I’ve only been doing this for 1 and a half weeks so I’ve only had like 7 sessions because I took a day off due to a red and purple spot around my line). So I stretch it up (Should I be holding right under the head in the stretches? It seems like I’m choking the poor bugga (and with which fingers)) The head turns really red.. And what erection should I be at during stretches? Completely flaccid? Because I end up if I stretch getting a bit of blood in there due to a bit of excitement. So! I do ten 30 second stretches with like a 10 second break in between. I do 1 up. (Where do you all grab it when you’re doing stretches?). Then 1 down left, 1 down right, 1 pulled down and back behind me between the cheeks (this seems to be a super intense stretch *OWIE*, And maybe another 1 after that. Then I’ll do a rotating 1 where I spend a second at each of the 4 directions: 1 up 1 right 1 down 1 left, and just rotate it at full pulling for 30 seconds. Then I’ll maybe do another 1 of the others I already did so that eventually I do all my 30 second stretches.. (Just tell me if how I am doing it is fine) (:

3. THEN! I do my jelqs, with lube or in shower. So this is where I wanna make sure I am doing it right and at the right erection state. Keeping in mind I wanna aim for girth gains right now. So I was searching thru this site and I found the videos, and I watched the jelqing ones and I have a question. How come when he is doing them and he pulls his skin up to his head it like, gets all the way over his head and then stays there.. Like it’s very slow moving. Because when I do mine I just pull it up there and by the time I let go it just goes back.. The guy in the video’s is like slow moving honey.. Is he not circumcised?

So the jelqs. I by this time probably have like a 60-70 percent erection. Dunno what I SHOULD have if I want major girth gains fast. So I basically take my hand and make it like I would if I was wackin’ off. And I just start my hand at the base and go up to the point where the skin is like starting to go over the head.. Now HOW hard should I squeeze and stuff? I then take my other hand when my right hand gets to the point of skin getting partly over the head and almost “catch” everything that I moved up with my left hand so I don’t have any time in between hands for any blood I guess to come down. So, as the right hand is releasing the left one starts to go up and I just push it all up and stuff. If I squeeze kinda hard I feel this bloating feeling around the head right as I move my hand up there. I assume it’s the large amount of blood there. If I feel that does it mean I’m doing it right? Or should I not feel that weird bloated blood. And people say that when they end their jelqs it’s all huge and hanging and all, but I don’t believe mine is all “vein-ish” and all after. So any tips on jelqing or any in-depth explanations of how they do it would be appreciated greatly.

4. So then after that.. I use heating pad or warm shower for 5 minutes.. Then comes the kegels..

5. I read that I should do fifty 5 second holds, but this is where I am semi confused. I’ve heard people talk about just doing a 60 second hold. Now I know the muscle that I use to stop peeing. It’s almost a feeling of pulling up around your balls right? But the thing is, I can’t really hold that for too long. I mean, it’s even kinda weird to hold it for 5 seconds! When I do use that muscle I can see my flaccid penis move slightly. To be doing a kegel do I have to be like constantly be doing that pee-stopping thing, and hard? Because I feel like I can do a kegel by kinda doing that thing I do when I stop peeing. But I feel like I can do it to a higher level. I feel that I cud do a kegel by just slightly lifting that muscle. But I can do it harder to the point of sort of lifting my penis. How exactly do I know if I am doing a kegel or not, or if I am doing too hard of 1 that no one could hold for 60 seconds. So, any tips of kegeling or how they do it exactly or what feeling they get when they do it would be appreciated so much..

Oh also, I have heard of people kegeling in between jelqs. At what point exactly, and for how long, and for what purpose? To get more blood in there? Because I didn’t realize that kegeling put more blood in there. :)

SO then FINALLY I am done (about 40 minutes have gone by at this point in my exercises). I just wanna know if I am doing ANY of this right and what to do to make my girth increase. I want it to get around 5.5 inches of EG, and I wanna know how to measure it well! And I also wouldn’t mind some length (maybe .5)

Also I noticed after I watched the video to learn about jelqing and I realized that I wasn’t doing em right the 1st 2 days and that I should be doing em hard and squeezing and moving that I felt sore around the bass of my penis around the meat around the bone that you measure your length from. Maybe it’s from stretching? Who knows.. Also when I stretched side ways (sometimes with 1 leg up) it seems to be stretching the skin that connects the opposite side of my penis to the side of my leg.. Should I be stretching this for gains?

The johnnno

P.S. ANY response is greatly appreciated! Sorry I am a horrible writer and conveyor of ideas :(

LOT - A system used to determine which way to stretch your penis; upward (tunica), downward (ligs). Newbies often get massive gains by stretching the ligs, which means they have a high LOT. You determine LOT by imagining that there is a clock in front of you; straight up is 12:00, straight down is 6:00. Start at 12:00 and do a kegel at each hour. At some point you will notice that there is no tug-back. Until this point you will feel the penis pulling back or resisting. If this doesn’t make sense, you can look into it further on your own. :-) I’d say it’s very possible for you to gain half an inch in erect length in two months. I wouldn’t hope for much more. As for kegeling when you jelq, people often do a kegel per jelq. This does increase blood flow.

Good luck.


Wait so if I’m new.. I should concentrate on stretches that are down.. Not up?

Hi Johnnno

I’m pretty close to the same measurements. I’ve had sex with about 20 women, including two 5 year monogamous relationships. Not one woman has ever complained about my size. In fact, the opposite. They usually say it’s big, or on the large end of average. If a woman is experienced she will have seen some little dicks, so yours is pretty good. I’ve been with some very experienced women who have had many dicks. My last long term relationship was with a woman who was divorced from a guy who had an enormous wang. But, he was such an asshole it meant nothing to her. This is going to sound corny as hell but having a loving connection is the most awesome aphrodisiac. It’ll make a little wanker like a ten foot pole to a woman.

Catman! You warm my heart! You’re a funny dude, thanks for the help. Yea I am satisfied with my length, I just see ALL these people here saying their starting girth is say 5.0-5.5 and I just want a bit more girth heh.. But as I said, thank you Catman, you are wise.

I know my post was like 10 miles long but can anyone tell me real fast before I hop in the shower (heh) what I should do to concentrate on girth?

Originally Posted by Johnnno
I know my post was like 10 miles long but can anyone tell me real fast before I hop in the shower (heh) what I should do to concentrate on girth?

As a newbie, just keep working on your jelq routine and don’t try too hard or go too long. This is a long process and trying to make it work fast is counter productive because you end up hurting yourself.

Originally Posted by catman
Not one woman has ever complained about my size. In fact, the opposite. They usually say it’s big, or on the large end of average.


A woman will practically always lie to you about the size of your penis.

When she says, “it’s okay”, or she says that it is a good penis, a pretty one, or a nice one, etc., she really means it is small.

When she claims it is big, she means it is just normal, average.

When she looks at it with wide open eyes full of hidden desire and goes “wow, it’s soo huge, I can never fit that one!” she really means “This penis is just perfect. It’s what I always wanted and I want it right now!”.


I just posted my Wad’s Girth RX for JD. Check it out. It gave me 1/2” EG gain during my first month - not saying you’ll get the same, but it worked for me.

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