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New to PE and this forum

New to PE and this forum

Hey everybody! I’m new to the forum and I’m one of those who was “cursed” when it comes to size. Anyways, I recently found this forum here, and I want to do whatever it takes to fix my problem. It has caused me lack of confidence in life, and I am always worried about what the girl is gonna think when I finally whip it out. My MAIN problem is flaccid, because when I am flaccid I am like a frightened turtle in water, but erect is not so bad as I am at 5.5” x 4”. But the girth definitely needs some work. But yeah, I live in a community where all you ever hear is penis jokes. My friends always joke about so-and-so having a small dick (even though they are probably the ones with small dicks) and this one girl I am dating was telling me about how her last boyfriend had a little dick, meanwhile she has NO IDEA if I do or not, but probably presumes I am bigger, which makes me nervous as hell when it comes to her. Anyways, conclusion, I’ve heard it a million times that size doesn’t matter, but it fricking does guys! Especially when you are small. Average and big, SO BE IT! You got nothing to worry about. But if you are small, it can haunt you man..

Anyways for my first question; Who usually gets better results? Smaller guys or bigger guys? (As in guys who start out already average or big compared to guys who start out small)

I am in for the long haul this time.. I’m tired of being ashamed of my own body, it’s the only body I have.. So when I found out that I could do something about this problem then I jumped right on it. I am going to start out with the Newbie Routine and use it as long as I can until my gains start to slow and then we shall see where I should go from there.

Originally Posted by visualenjoyer
Anyways for my first question; Who usually gets better results? Smaller guys or bigger guys? (As in guys who start out already average or big compared to guys who start out small)

Results from PE have nothing to do with what size you start at. Some people gain a little or a lot starting at all different types of sizes, it’s how you do your PE that matters most in my opinion.

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I think for the guys who are at the bottom end of the average spectrum, especially in girth as I was, have more drastic results, atleast in their eyes, because gaining 1/2” in girth is a bunch especially when you’re around the 4” mark! Steelrod is right, alot of how well you react is how disciplined you are ie; good technique, not over-training, supplementation, and positive mind set.

I started at like 4.125” and am now edging 5.5”, so it can be done. Newbie gains generally come on quickly the first few months, FOR MOST, NOT ALL, people. You will increase your potential for gains if you follow a good routine and be consistent.

Good luck and may you grow in the New Year!

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Visual: Take heart man. Flaccid was the first thing for me to improve. Stay consistant and you should be very encouraged by the end of the new year. The guys here are great encouragers. Look for that one special girl who complements you. I am a larger guy and my wife of many years knows I PE. She thinks its hogwash since her love for me is not premised in any manner on the size of my dick. I wish for you that kind of girl.

Happy New Year, Man


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