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New to Forums and PE.Advice Please

New to Forums and PE.Advice Please

Greetings. I’m new to Thunder’s Place and to PE in general. Once you see my size, the reason I am interested in PE will be quite obvious

So here’s the deal.Currently I am 19 and I have a goal I want to meet by my 21st birthday in 1.5 years. Here are my current measurements:

EL 4.5”

EG 5”

FL 2”

FG 3”

As you can tell, this is very embarrassing when it comes to girls and sex and even changing in the locker room (and I’m of Italian descent).

So my goal is to try and reach 6” EL, 6” EG, 4” FL, 5” FG by my 21st birthday. Having read through some of the beginner guides, here is what I came up with, please let me know if this is good, bad, or what:

I will be doing this one (1) day on, one (1) day off alternating (M-W-F-Sun-Tue, etc) :

Warm Up


Heli Shakes


Dry Jelq

Heli Shakes

Wet Jelq

Heli Shake



Warm Down

I will slowly build in reps. I also saw something called holds for girth, but that seems advanced. Also, what is thought about pills or testosterone suppliments to aide in growth? From what I’ve read online ProSolution Pills is supposed to be a good enhancement pill. Any thoughts?

Sorry for this long post , but I have something else I want to ask.My penis is very sensitive, just touching it to urinate can get it erect. I’ve had sex quite a few times and each time I pre-maturly ejaculate (within 3-5min) and then I go soft.sux for the woman, and when I want to keep going too Is there a way to correct over-sensitivity and pre-mature ejaculation without having to masturbate before sex (which I’ve done a few times)?

Thanks and sorry again for the long post.I’m a newb

Dude, thats way too much, just do the newbie routine. Good luck and welcome to Thunders.

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First of all if you don’t rush into things it is highly possible that you will have reached your goal in your 21st anniversary. So as bird2 suggested, start with the newbie routine. Modifications on that or more advanced stuff will be good later. Now you have to get your penis conditioned and slowly start to understand how it reacts when you work it out, so you can understand which way to go with your PE and how to prevent injuries.

Second, learn how to use the search engine. After you read the link bird2 suggested, here is some things you can practise your search on :

1) Search about PI’s.
2) Search about edging (edge)

The first is something that will help you realise how important is to “understand” your penis while working with it (it is something you gain from consistent newbie routine).

The second is a possible answer to your premature ejaculation problem.

So, I would recommend starting with the newbie routine (for obvious reasons that you will realise if you read carefully the link bird2 suggests) and later on you will be short of able to understand what routine would be better for you. Meanwhile read, there are a lot of things and different perspectives on things here you can learn while you are on the newbie routine (but just remember, when reading about advanced routines, you are not ready for them).

Remember, there is no need to rush, 1,5 year is enough time to make gains. But there is need to be careful (so you don’t have to lay off for reasons other than rest) and consistent (so every single day is one step closer to gains and a healthier penis).

One last thing, bear in mind that penis growth is not officially over until 21 years old, so you might still be growing.

Good luck with your PE.

Originally Posted by celithralith

Also, what is thought about pills or testosterone suppliments to aide in growth? From what I’ve read online ProSolution Pills is supposed to be a good enhancement pill. Any thoughts?

Those pills are junk. Save you money for a Bib hanger or get a gym subscription.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Thanks guys for the help, I will definately take your advice.sorry for not searching first :(


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