New to forum, only moderate PE experience

Hey fellas. I’m new to the forum and fairly new to the whole PE scene. I first discovered jelqing in high school and I’ve done it on and off ever since then. Since it was with no consistency, and with no goal in mind I really have no clue as to whether or not it has helped me. My assumption is that it has, but without any quantifiable frame of reference, I can’t really claim any results.

Anyhow. Erect, I’m now at 7&1/2” in length and just under 6” in erect girth. Flaccid, it varies wildly. Between maybe 3” to 5” in length and just as wildly in girth.

This brings me to my first question. How should I maintain a consistent basis on which to measure it? Even erect, depending on the quality of the hard on, it has varied as much as a half inch for me in the past. My standard erection length is 7&1/2. But I have had an erection that was a full 8 in the past when I tried Viagra (oh my Christ, that was painful by the way, pecker was sore for days) with my ex wife.

My second question is what kinds of tips can you guys throw out there for a newbie like me? I’d like to get to 10 and 7 erect, don’t really care about flaccid. What kind of progress have you guys made, and how long have you been doing it?

I know that my measurements are above average, and I’ve always received comments ranging from, “Wow, your kinda big.” to, “Oh my god, you’re huge.” I even was with a girl who it was uncomfortably large to fit into and we had to stop midway through (however, she WAS tiny, like 5’) . I don’t want to toot my own horn or brag, but my goal now is to inspire utter amazement. I want to hear, “That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen/had.”

Call it narcissism or possibly deep seated insecurity if you will, but I figure if you don’t aim high, then why try at all.

Look forward to hearing your responses, and getting an idea of what kind of results I can look forward too. Cheers!