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New memeber sayin HI

New memeber sayin HI

Hey all, I finally decided that it was high time I started to PE. I just saw this program on TLC about
“Extreme Plastic Surgeries” and saw some guy get his dick enlarged. I was really surprised about how
Easily he was able to attain his size, and then nearly threw the converter at the TV when they mentioned
The average price range for a procedure like that. I’m 20 years old right now and have been contemplating
About starting to PE for a while. Mainly due to confidence reasons, especially with the ladies. Just reading
A few threads before posting I realised a lot of guys feel that they just can’t have sex because they think
They are too small.

My main concern right now is overall improvement especially in the flaccid length. I just find it so damn annoying
To have to literally pull your penis “out” just to take a piss. I want it to be there when I need it, you know what
I’m saying? Haha.

It’s really remarkable to see how many guys participate in this sorta thing and it motivated me to sign up!

Here are my measurements as of right now and my goals:

Current (05/03/05)
FL = 3.5
FG = 3.75

NBPEL = 5.5
BPEL = 6.5
EG = 4.5

*FL was after a nice warm up, I wish it stayed like that all the time.

My goals are:

NBPEL = 7.0-8.0
BPEL = 7.5-8.5
EG = 5.5-6.0

Hey Slick,

Welcome to the forums. Lots of guys participate in PE because it really works. If you are serious and keep at it you will do fine. To make your flaccid hang better try drinking more water. Water along with PE does amazing things for your flaccid hang. Start with the Newbie Routine for a while just to get things started. Conditioning your member is a very important step in the process. Don’t skip it. It gets your PE career started on the right foot and makes gaining easier. If you are like most guys you will notice almost immediate results in penile health (ie flaccid hang, erection quality, etc.). The most important thing is not to get too anxious and go overboard on your routine. Take it slow at first. Good luck to you. Let us know if we can help in anyway.


Welcome to Thunders, say goodby to turtle dick.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

We’ll be holding a memorial service on Friday at 3:00 pm EST for Slick’s Turtle dick.

We’re here to help you in any way we can. Listen to RoomToGrow, he’s spitting the truth. :leftie:

Welcome to PE! You’re about where I was a few months ago when I started. I’m just starting to see my first real gains, put on a bit over half an inch since I started. Sticking with it for the first few months is the hardest part, once you break through the ‘holy shit it really works’ barrier, your motivation to PE will never be in doubt again!

The key is not to go crazy, just get a decent routine that you can actually find time and privacy to do every day and stick at it. The simple routines posted on here have worked well for me, and frankly I won’t mess with them unless they stop working.

Good luck!

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