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Hello fellas. I sure wish I had know of this years ago during my teens and twenty’s. I’m in my late fortes but maybe with this I can surprise my wife of almost 30 years. So maybe an old dog can come up with some knew tricks.

Welcome aboard. Other then the regret of not knowing about this 35 years ago, you are not too late. I am 53 and couldn’t be happier with the results so far. Just start off nice and easy and don’t try to rush things.

Welcome scbackpacker (we’ll shorten to sc),

THis is a great place, and trust me you can make up for any lost time with all the info that is here. Check out the links in my signature to get you started on your journey. Best of luck to you. We are all here to help if you get stuck.

Late forties sounds like teaching a modestly more experienced dog new tricks. You are far from old my friend.


This gives me extra hope as I’m only turning 21 on Monday, by 25 realistically I’m hoping to have some HUGE results

That is a good outlook. I’m tired of people wanting huge gains by this time next month!

I’ve just realised how it really does take time, I did it on and off for a good few months (4-6) but until I started doing really good workouts this week I never had noticeable gains.

I think it’s very mental, if you expect results overnight you’ll get disappointed and doubt it’s going to work and if you doubt it, it won’t work.

What you wrote in your signature is SO true,very well worded!


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