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I am new here and have joined for my wife and I. We have been married/together for 11 years. We have been apart for about 3 weeks ( I am on business) and she is home. Well, we started talking about former lovers of hers and she told me about a guy she was with for about 7 months who was well endowed. She said he was about 9 inches and very thick. He made her feel so full. I am only about 6 inches and about 4 inches in circumference.

So any help/advice would be great. Are there any b4 and after photos on here to show this technique works?

Ed in Alaska

Hi there and welcome.

First off, your size is pretty common and not small, actually average. Second, we women suck at telling how big something is; so the “9” inches was probably more around 7 to 7.5. Third, check out the videos that we have, which will show you how to do many of the exercises . As far as pictures go, check out member pics, you will probably find a gold mine of information there.

Consistency is a big key to growth, dedication is another. This isn’t something that will happen over night, please don’t try to rush things, we don’t want you getting injured. There are many different viewpoints on rest days, etc. Start with the newbie routine, and remember, its a guideline, not carved in stone. Listen to what your penis tells you. Check out the favorites button in my signature line with regards to Physiological Indicators, its important (in my opinion) to keep an eye on those, be they positive, or negative, as they can impact growth.

Once again, welcome to the forum, may your stay be long and productive. As a piece of friendly type advice, limit to totally avoid chat speak, we have a few folks that get real pissy about it. You aren’t in any kind of trouble for it, just letting you know.

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Welcome akmadmoose!

Interesting story - but always remember who got the girl in the end! The size of your penis is fine - nothing shabby about that at all.

If you want to pursue PE as a hobby, start with the Newbie routine and progress from there. Take it slowly, don’t rush things or you’ll end up injuring yourself - not good!

Take a look in the Member’s Pics forum for before and after photos - there’s a sticky at the top.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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Welcome aboard lot of good info here just read and enjoy

Welcome to TP.

Take a look at the Before and After Comparison sticky in the Members Pictures sub-forum for proof it works. And like Sunny said, be consistent and you will grow.

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