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New member from the netherlands holland

New member from the netherlands holland

Hi there,

Just thought I’d introduce myself..

This forum is great in one word. Alot of information about the subject..

I have been at it for about 2 months altogether and the excercises seem to treat me good.

Now after 2 months for the last week I have a very nice flaccid hang (I can’t believe it everytime I hold my dick to go to the bathroom)

But I have a question about girth was 6 inch before I started.and is now 6,5 inches. But I’m wondering about something.. After my workout the girth and length seem to stay there after the workout and it’s been a week now and still it’s the same. Thing is I can get a very hard erection, but when flaccid and / or semi-errect my dick feels nice but a little soft on the sides.what I’m wondering is that it could be not a gain but some sort of fluid

Build up that just stays there. Anyone know anything about this?

It could be fluid I used to get the donut effect sometimes it should go away in a day or two if you stop your exercises.

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