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new in town

new in town


i just want to tell you that im knew on fpe and i’d like any tips for starters.

i know it takes time but it would be rally useful if someone told me just how long did it take to get some growth (one inch, two inches).


Welcome shadowsman201!

The best advice anyone can give you is to read, read and then read somemore. Start off in the Quick Start Guide and the FAQ which will get you up to speed then check out the Newbies and other forums. There’s a wealth of information there all for free! As far as routines are concerned, it differs for everybody. Some people prefer a jeqing and Uli routine, others hang and stretch, while others mix them all up together! It also depends on how much time you are prepared to invest in your new hobby. Lots of members post their routines in the Personal Routines forum. You can use one of theirs and tailor it to your own needs or, do as many do and experiment to find out what works for you and build a routine from there.

As far as gains are concerned it varies widely. Some people take a year or more to gain an inch while others achieve the same in only a few short months - it depends entirely on your own physiology and the amount of dedication and consistent work you put in.

That should keep you out of mischief for a little while! :leftie: Good luck and keep us posted!

lil1 :littleguy

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Thank you

hey lil1!

Thanks a lot! Yes, I have read a lot (really) about pe and ill look for some routines from other members. Also thanks for the info on how long does it take to gain some “size”. Im focused on being patient and practice as good as posibble. I dont considered myself small but 1 o 2 inches more would be good.

Thanks once again, shadows


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