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New here

New here

Hey, as you can all tell, I’ve been a member here for a few years but never posted or even lurked this forum until a few days ago - so I definitely don’t have years of knowledge under my belt.

So.I thought I’d give you some general history of myself: I’ve tried some different PE methods in the past and have not been satisfied with any of them.

For starters, I’ve bought 4 different pumps in the period of the past several years but I’ve been dissatisfied with all but one. The one that actually was doing what I expected it to do as a pump actually ended up breaking within the first 45 minutes of my using it.

The other three all seem to inflate me like a balloon and I’ve some pretty frightening experiences where I pulled out a large, puffy, flaccid member.

I’ve tried jelqing but the only results I got was a larger flaccid member.that’s it.

I’m now thinking about trying pills

So, would you advise me to take pills - if yes, which kinds?

Are the vast majority of pumps absolutely useless? If you recommend any, which ones (and how do I know which ones to stay away from)?

And jelqing, is there a jelqing technique where I should see increased erections in a matter of weeks?

Thanks for any advice.

I dont know anything about enlargement pills but If I was you I would do the nebie routine and stick with It my cock has never felt bigger and my erections are a lot harder.

Yep, go with the pills.



START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info
Is a collection of most of the portal threads helpful to new guys. All of the questions you have asked are answered there. Go read a bunch.

Pumps work but only if you buy quality and use them properly. Check out the pumping forum for the low down.

As for hands on PE check out the starter routines. Also tutorials, movies, wikis, and FAQ’s of epic proportion.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Think about this before buying something like pills: Anything that requires little effort and promises a lot of results is generally a SCAM.


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